Do I have an agenda?  

itsallfun1957 59M
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6/6/2005 8:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do I have an agenda?

To be perfectly evasive, I do not know. I'm living life again, and for that I'm extremely grateful. Maybe it's time to fill in some of the blanks that I occasionally dance around when I'm writing my post. I've given some brief descriptions of what and who I am, but here's some more. We'll do the sexual development saga at a later time, sorry blog campers.

The defining event that started my path to a fuller appreciation of life occurred in the early months of 2000. I had the usual mutating upper respiratory viral infection that was going around work. It kicked my ass, but that is typical. I noticed a small lump on my neck, near where I assumed my lymph nodes are.( for a medical person to assume it is a grievous oversight) well this "node" did not decompress, in fact it grew. So I denied there was a problem and went on my merry way and grew my beard out further to hide it. Several months down the road, my lump was the size of jumbo egg. My doctor sent me to an ENT surgeon who rather rapidly diagnosed it as a parotid tumor (saliva gland) and 85% of the time they were benign. Unfortunately I was in the 15% category. The tumor was removed without difficulty and after some surgical site healing, I started radiation therapy.

The radiation was the beginning of my path to humility and a fuller appreciation of life and what life can offer. It took me me about three years to start feeling "normal" again, but the lessons that I learned were well worth the delay. Would I do it over again? Hell no, but it happened and I can not change that. Live, learn, and move forward are good values to live by. Not a bad lesson learned. Have a good one.>>>itsallfun1957

rm_morefutility 37F
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6/7/2005 8:50 pm

Sometimes it takes a tumor to open one's eyes to the possiblities in life. I wish you the greatest amount of happiness.

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