Belated news flash, luke-warm off the press!  

itsallfun1957 59M
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11/26/2005 9:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Belated news flash, luke-warm off the press!

So now all the musings are substantiated according to OUT-LAW.COM; "OUT-LAW.COM;accused of faking romance". Apparently a California resident is filing suit in a LA District Court against the afore-mentioned Internet dating service. He claims that OUT-LAW.COM;wrote him romantic e-mails and even sent him on a sham date with an attractive employee to encourage him to renew his subscription. He became suspicious when he encountered the same picture on different profile in different locations by cities and states.

What a shocker, a greedy company pulling the wool over some unsuspecting sheep's eyes. Thank God we are using a trusty and reliable service. I can only say honorable things about this fine and morally outstanding service. So what does everybody think?>>>itsallfun1957

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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11/27/2005 8:59 am

Nothing surprises me any more, as far as dishonesty goes. So sad... Here is an interesting quote

"The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business."
Clarence Darrow

xoxo LL

itsallfun1957 59M

11/27/2005 11:59 am

Thanks Ladies for your thoughts.

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