Attempt # 2, a lampoon of priorities.  

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12/9/2005 4:22 pm

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Attempt # 2, a lampoon of priorities.

Don't you hate it when you compose the post of the century and it goes to "page cannot be displayed", but without further meanderings...

This morning while reading the AJC and sipping my morning coffee, the spirit of the season came to me. On the front page two of our larger denominational churches announced that since Christmas is on a Sunday this year, turn out would be low, so they are not open for business this blessed day. By decree, a business has declared that Christmas is a holiday and the employees need a day off as well. By decree as well, it is now documented that lost souls do not need saving on this sacred-commercialized day. I've always thought the Dickens was a fraud, who has an Epiphany on this day anyways?

I'm forced to reign in the rant, since the original one was slam-dunked and trashed with the first attempt. Too bad, there was a rather nice running gag on turning off the light, some expletives, and a holiday reference. Please feel free to tinker with it on your own.>>>itsallfun1957

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