A rainy hump day.  

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6/1/2005 12:58 pm

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A rainy hump day.

The first attempt of today's blog was too lame and poorly concieved, something of days of old and hump day with some lurid sexual innuendo. So highlight and delete, it's best left undone.

Thanks for all the comments on my blogs. The descriptions of butter drenched lobster and crab legs, you've got my attention. That does bring a pleasant rememberence of my past. This happened in 1984 or 85. My then wife and I were in Charleston SC in a restaurant called 82 Queen, sitting in this beautiful colonial like bar. We were eating Stone Crab Claws draught in butter. They were the sweetest tasting seafood I have ever eaten at that point in my life. The dinner was in the court yard under these gothic huge moss ladden oak trees. What a night and one I have never been able to recreate. I've been back to 82 Queen evertime I have gone to Charleston (approx 6 yrs ago). The food was great and the courtyard was how I have kept it in my mind's eye, but it is not the same. Thanks for letting me relive a pleasant memory.>>>itsallfun1957

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