A fall trip down memory lane.  

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10/4/2005 5:40 pm

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A fall trip down memory lane.

It's officially fall, it has been for a couple of weeks, anyway's the "Food Network" did a feature on organic foods and flashed a bright-shiny apple. So the trip starts. Growing up in western PA, we had allot of apple orchards around the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

Every fall, my parents would make several batches of applebutter and each and everytime it was a social event. Weeks before the event(s), we had to peel, quarter, and core bushel after bushel of winesaps and northern spies. The day arrived, dad would set the fire at just the right height, the 50 gallon copper kettle was placed in the stand, and the long handled wooden paddle was poised for hour after hour of constant stirring.

We started no later than 0700 and ended the day around 2100. The men stirred and the women canned. The air was crisp and filled with fragrant wood smoke. In between stirring duties, we would throw the football. I have always thrown a football like a baseball, hell Bradshaw did it Sunday after Sunday, however I'm not Bradshaw. The friends, family, and neighbors that attended all those many apple butter days... Besides the apple butter was heavenly.

Fond memories. I hope whoever got the kettle, stand, and paddle relish its rich history that occupied my earlier years.

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