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9/14/2005 5:19 am

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My cats left a horrific mess to clean up this morning and it started me thinking how important it is to keep a supply of good thoughts on hand so you can always keep a smile on your face.

I am 6' tall and I have been since 9th Grade. I wanted to be a gymnast; wasn't happenin'... everyone insisted that I play basketball. I was actually very good at the game but I hated it. So you finish school, don't have to play basketball anymore and what happens? It, Basketball, is all anyone ever wants to talk about!

Just the other night we were at a party and upon being introduced to another couple, the man says, "Gee, I guess you played basketball in school."

Is that all anyone can ever talk about? I haven't been in "school" for years.

Very quietly I replied, "Sure and I also taught scuba classes in the Caribbean topless. Which do you really think is more interesting?"

Okay, for anyone who's ever strapped a tank on your back, I wore one of those over-sized athletic T's, my husband calls them "wife-beaters", but it got wet fast.

Sometimes it's even more fun to keep those good thoughts to yourself. It really disarms people who are trying to upset you.

My son and his wife were fighting and he had asked me to talk to her/ mediate. I thought the conversation was going really well when she looked at me and hissed in a spitting kinda way, "You think you are so smart. I don't see a PhD or JDA on your wall. You're just some stupid..."

Actually I am self-employed and do very well in my biz, but I guess the view is different for my 19 y/o daughter-in-law. So I sat back and reminisced on an old girlfriend of mine who had the sweetest tasting cum. Of course I did NOT share that thought with my d/i/l, which confused her even more as to how calm I was after her gross statement.

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