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4/3/2006 5:55 pm

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jeepers creepers

Ever met someone you haven't seen in nearly a decade at a place like a wal-mart? I did today, and it wasnt the greatest experience. They hadn't changed too much since then. Still stoned and all about the music. It would be a shame if it weren't just so pathetic. Well the guy follows me all over the store, talking about the kind of kite he wants and stories from our work together. I'm not exactly being the friendliest person in the world in my responses, but he is unrelenting. It's a little horrifying to see what could have happened to you if you never grew up, kept your same habits and crutches that you had as a teen. But to each their own I suppose. Heh, I'm just condescending I suppose; I can only see in terms of how much money I would have lost and how little of a future I would have had. I'd feel like a cut-rate citizen, but I'm sure he's enjoyed his life in between. He looked like he was enjoying it at least, very comfortable looking. Hell he was just wearing underwear (wrinkled white t-shirt) and some bad pants (anthema to me, bad pants wear the wearer straight to hell). Probably parked in the handicap zone too.

I'm making a career of evil.

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