The lighter side of things  

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3/31/2006 8:50 pm

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The lighter side of things

Aargh. I just can't be negative without at least seeing a little positive. I gueeess its just gonna be ramble time, so buckle up.

I'd like to get political but I just don't think it apropos. Fortunately, I love being evil.

MAN! is there so much going on right now! Adaptation to the left, Assimilation to the Right, and Divergence for the independents. At least we have Cynthia McKinney to lighten all this up for us in GA. Isn't she a Jewel? After the Bill Campbell trial I was so hoping that the Atlanta elected's prize sap of "racially provoked" was going to be past tense. I just can't believe that anyone still thinks that way. Certainly shows she's no progressive... heh I used McKinney and progressive in the same paragraph.

Ah thats what I love about GA. We're the on the forefront of anything goes. Blue island in a red sea, it does nothing but create things that dramatic comedies can never recreate but wish to tirelessly. We're all just one big happy just waiting to explode in a cantankerous, anxiety-riddled burst of held-in-for-too-long lustful pleasure eruptions. Sometimes I think traffic will just stop, well its already stopped, on 85 and everyone will just get out of their cars and anger-fuck. We're almost there. Its just naturally instinctive southern hospitality overcoming our systemic cycle of anxiety building past-times that just closet the freak within.

Or maybe I've been in Towne Lake for waaaay too long.

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