A F F and Food  

its_a_go 37M
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4/26/2006 6:28 am

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5/1/2006 8:08 am

A F F and Food

Okay, valuable lesson learned. Never A F F and eat at the same time. I was trying to have a nice breakfast burrito while perusing my watched blogs.
Anyone want a mostly uneaten burrito? I'm not hungry anymore.

Now what bothers me is we, guys, hear so much about the ladies not wanting to see all the cock shots. Well, I have a message that the ladies may not be aware of: I don't want to see all those twat shots either. I'm trying to friggin eat here and I've got a big funky squirty twat starin at me. Very uncool. The double standards are just insane. While the ladies often complain of the cock shot, they have TWICE as much to be guilty of with all the various female body parts flapping across the screen. disembodied boobies everywhere, "hidden" fingers, flappy gashy washies. At least I had the decency to clothe mine. ~pbbt~

Don't get me wrong, those are some of my favorite anatomical parts but I think there are far more boobs and twats on the blogs than there are penii. So all the hoo-haa over disembodied penii is just penis envy IMO.



caressmewell 53F

4/26/2006 7:33 am

There are days I wonder if some peeps really care how gross and disgusting their pictures are on this site. I mean really...there are some nasty looking pussies and cocks...

its_a_go replies on 4/26/2006 9:31 am:
Yep. I almost feel bad, I just don't have any other digital shots.

sexymamma662003 31F

4/26/2006 9:32 am

i like the penis shot (especially yours). but i also like to see the face or torso too


its_a_go replies on 4/26/2006 10:49 am:
I like the butt shots (especially yours)

thanks for the praises, don't be a stranger now, ya'hear.

caressmewell 53F

4/26/2006 9:38 am

its_a_go replies on 4/26/2006 9:31 am:
Yep. I almost feel bad, I just don't have any other digital shots.

LOL, don't feel bad, I find your picture quite amusing in the fact that it was clever.

its_a_go replies on 4/26/2006 10:46 am:
I hate it when a woman sees it and laughs. story of my life.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

4/26/2006 12:31 pm

LOL Can't blame me with those pics LOL ......Though I have been known to put boob pics up on my profile its usually not the first pic .....all my other pics are in friends network

its_a_go replies on 4/27/2006 5:30 am:
your pic is just a "basic instinct" waiting happen, lol

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/26/2006 1:34 pm

The irony of my response is that I saw your funny pic at the top of the blog page and had to see who was at the other end!

I love to laugh! And that shot is pretty funny! I thought I had too much time on my hands, but I haven't made puppets out of my body parts yet!

Now, about your comments. I agree whole heartedly. I do think there is a major difference between what men and women want to see. I do believe that men want to see naked women, but... naked shots can and should be classy. I also agree that close up twat shots are much worse than penis shots! They are down right scary if you ask me!

I'm not sure if your friend in the picture is supposed to be a sailor or the flying nun! haha Because of the big grin on the "face" I've decided on the flying nun! Guess that makes it a her. Does she strum a guitar and sing? I'd like to see that. lol

Thanks for making me laugh!

its_a_go replies on 4/27/2006 5:31 am:
I've been hearing this flying nun bit all too much. Time to get a new hat lol. Thanks for stopping by!

frangipanigal 44F
10406 posts
4/27/2006 6:36 am

That is what the delete and block buttons are for. Bad pics are bad pics regardless of what gender the person is that is putting them up.

Yours shows a great sense of humour. Hell, I even voted for it in the "Men of Blogville" calendar. Life without laughter is nothing.


its_a_go replies on 4/27/2006 7:30 am:
So YOU were the one, lol. Thanks for the support and thanks for stopping by!

I fortunately don't get the bad pics posting to my blog, its when I'm on the main page for the blogs, and my home page. sometimes its just... ewwwww.

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/27/2006 8:29 am

Dear its_a_go,

Have you considered a whole series of hat pics, a fashion show perhaps?

I can imagine a shot with a mustache and a frenc beret quite easily!

When I think of someone drawing a happy face onhis penis... oh how I giggle! Thanks again!

its_a_go replies on 4/27/2006 9:15 am:
hmm. I shall undertake this project.

I guess I need to find a doll shop, that'll be a first.

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/27/2006 12:18 pm

Improvise! Go outside and find an acorn cap! You know you want to!

its_a_go replies on 4/27/2006 1:07 pm:
does it really look that small?

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/27/2006 1:31 pm

I'm so sorry!

The memory of making little french men faces on acorns topped with their caps askew made me say it! I hadn't really considered proportion.

Will you forgive the faux pas? {=}

its_a_go replies on 4/27/2006 5:45 pm:
a woman not considering proportion when talking about a penis? Can it be true?

since you gave me the kissy thing, all is forgiven.

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/27/2006 7:09 pm

Honey... it's not the size of the wave, it's the motion of the ocean!

nottycara 36F

4/27/2006 8:00 pm

yeahh i get that sometimes.. really killed my apetitte.
Well my routine is, i reached office, on my computer, and try to have a sandwich coffee or whatever, then i will be checking emails. The last mailbox would be AdultFriendFinder mailbox but tht doesnt mean i am done with breakfast!

I read ALL mails, reply all LATER. Thats the routine.

BUT .. LOL I am so not over yr cock pic!

I was laughing for some mins last night when i saw your comment on my blog and that photo of yours

its_a_go replies on 4/30/2006 7:45 am:

meerkittykat 42F

4/27/2006 9:39 pm

itsa....nah...I'm with you there.

I made the mistake one night of checking profiles while drinking hot cocoa (a kinda puritanical image there). Came across a close-up of a pussy; and worse, it wasn't too clean. Soooooooooooooooo not right. Almost turned me off to women.

Well..maybe not that much. But please..have some originality.


its_a_go replies on 4/30/2006 7:45 am:
Glad to see you coming by

TheRealThing655 48F
9558 posts
4/27/2006 9:57 pm

LOL..I agree. I think there is a tasteful way to show your sexuality and a disgusting way. Like I've said, your picture is hilarious. It's not offensive, just funny. For me it's the close up cock shot with nothing else to look at that is just gross.

its_a_go replies on 4/30/2006 7:48 am:
You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

Babel__Fish 45F

4/28/2006 3:47 am

<==== His mine covered



*sticks out tongue*

its_a_go replies on 4/30/2006 7:50 am:

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/29/2006 11:53 pm

Hey.. just going about my business today and I saw a doll shop! Of course I thought of our friend its_a_go and the idea of a fashion show with a myriad of hats.

If you have a PO Box, I'd buy a few hats and mail them to you! I do think this would be very interesting. Forget the Blogville Calender and gathering votes to see PurryKitty naked. Let's create an its_a_go hat-sporting calendar! I'll pay for the start-up costs! We could make some serious money!

I started this post as a joke, but... I'm serious about fronting money to publish and market a calendar. You put on the face and the hats, I put up the money. What do you think?

its_a_go replies on 4/30/2006 7:53 am:
no po box, sorry. I'm actually more modest than the pic might show, but hmm.... calendar... I like it. I'm gonna see what I can do.

Lovin_U_4_Fun 54F

4/30/2006 9:04 pm

Let me know if you want some creative ideas or help in production!

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