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10/3/2005 2:11 pm

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My thoughts

I can't believe I survived the last month, new job, and new home. It has been very difficult in the last month, trying to juggle my life. I still had some time to check out the site, read some blogs but not much more then that. I would like to apologize for those of you who attempted to contact me during the last month without much of a response from me. I was not being evasive, just too busy. As for the one who I would of very much hoped would of contacted me did not, her loss.

Life is sure funny, we go to such extremes just to try to be happy. We do things that we think makes us happy, only to find out that nothing really changed. No matter what the outcome, you know deep inside what really would make you happy is to find someone who is special and just for you. You can change your car, home, job, take up hobbies, buy a new wardrobe even travel. In the end you still come home to a empty house. Maybe I'm an eternal romantic, I need the warmth, the sensuality, the companionship and the romance. I'm tired of going through the motions. Everyday seams to fly by without accomplishing what I seek.
I know that keeping busy is somewhat therapeutic in it's own way, but it's only temporary. How do I find the woman for me? How much more time must I waste? Am I the only male who thinks with his heart and not his penis? Or should I just be thinking with my penis and I will eventually find the one for me?

As you can tell I feel a little frustrated, I been so very busy in the last month that truly I had very little time to think about romance. Although it's never too far from my thoughts and I was hoping to have been better off emotionally because of the changes, but that is not the case. If anything, it has been worse. I have no one to share my thoughts with, my emotions and my accomplishments.

If you are out there, let me know.

cutechick65 51F

11/21/2005 12:00 pm

check me out I am the girl for u xxx love what u write and want to make u feel.....................again

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