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8/22/2005 11:18 am

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Just Venting

The decision to test drive this site was something that I contemplated for a while and unsure if joining was the right thing for me. So far I came to the conclusion that it's just to hard to seriously meet someone. I mean seriously, how many of the contacts pan out? How many of them turn out be honest? Reading some of your blogs, It seams to me, that there are more bad experiences then good ones. It also becomes I think, increasingly difficult to just decipher the good from the bad.

The popular bloggers have so many viewers and so many comments that the right person could be right there under their nose and they just let them slip by. If I comment that I think your beautiful, sexy and absolutely perfect and I would like to get to know you, would you make an effort to contact me? Or are you so consumed with your popularity, that after a while everyone sounds the same. I understand that the more popular you are the more of a selection you have to choose from. But ask yourself this, how many have slipped by? Could I be the one for you?

I too can sit here on this site for a year posting blogs, receiving great comments, but if I don't act on them, what am I doing? I believe this site is meant to be used as a springboard to meet people and ultimately converse in our human environment, not to remain in cyber land for ever.

Do we just like to stay in cyber space because we like our alter ego better? You know the one where we can fabricate to be popular, adventures, kinky sophisticated, worldly, rich etc. No cyber police to bust us for personality fraud, no judge, jury to put us away for character impersonation. The absolute freedom to be someone your not.

I ask myself, why would someone go through all the trouble to fabricate such a persona. What happens when you meet someone and your not who you said you were. I guess the mentality out there is, "who cares I'm just doing this to get layed". But do you really?

Then there's people like me who need to be twice as creative just so we don't sound like them. But our task becomes more difficult because we can't shake the male stupidity that drives them to say almost anything just to get a piece of tail.

These are the same people who email others with crude comments and think that's what the other person wants to hear? Perception is out of whack for these individuals. Do you really think that the recipient of the email is going to be in your bed before you can say "I'm full of shit"?
The consequences of these behaviors, only emphasizes the screening process, and as a result slows things down for people like me.

Do I need to be perverse to have success?
To be honest with you I don't think I could ever sit there and be perverse as a means to achieve the holy grail of pussies, it's just not my style.
But, I will let you know if I'm interested, then it's up to you make the effort, because if I continue to persist, you will clump me up with the rest and I become cyber space waste.

Just venting!

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