" I love you but I'm not in love with you"  

italian375 50M
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8/4/2005 4:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

" I love you but I'm not in love with you"

Ladies, I need to understand something and I think that only the women can explain this adequately. Not to say that men can't, but I just don't think men phrase it the say way. The question is, what do you really mean when you say to someone "I Love you but I"am not in love with you" If you love someone do you or don't you love them? I had this debate last night with a very good female friend of mine. She did give me her explanation but I wanted to hear from a larger audience and that is why I'm posting this today.

For the men, is this your que to remove yourself from the relationship? or do you think just because you hear the word love, you think she still loves you and think that you can make her change her mind? Do you tend to accept it because you do love her and you can't see yourself without her

Ladies, is this the same as "I love you like a brother", if it is why do you still sleep with with them? And how many of you actually used this phrase. if you did was it to get out of the relationship or was it an attempt to change your partner?

Food for thought, love to read some responses and be truthful!

NeedsPassion05 56F

8/7/2005 6:06 pm

i am 45 divorced female and love it the whole package. Real love still have the desire and lust and repect needed to have a great relationship. To tell a guy he is loved but that she is not in love with you is a slap. Get out. You are being used and you will be dumped when a better one comes along. She does not love you but is playing with you cause she is not ready to do the dirty work to end the relationship. She is hoping you will do it for her. Save yourself the heartache and find someone who wants to whole package. I am amazed every day at how many men are left in the dirt scarred by women who are self centred users.

bella_ 47F
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8/12/2005 5:48 pm

If a man were to say to me I love you but I am not in love to you it would tell me he doesn't love me...clean and simple. If I were to tell a man that I love him as a brother it means I am not that interested. Funny how a twist of words can actually change the entire dynamic of a relationship.

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