Session Last Night  

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7/15/2006 2:16 pm

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Session Last Night

Hey all, well last night was another good session with the sub male but unfortunetly a couple of guys that were to come failed to arrive so that put shit on the session. One guy decided to and come was happy to arrive and have some fun.

The sub was tied to the bed with his wrists and ankles and cock secured with rope, making him well and truely pinned to the bed and restricted him abilty to get away from what he was about to get. The rocked up, was older but none the less produced a great cock on him the was ample but thick and fat.

As the guy undressed and worked up his cock I shoved a vibrator up the subs arse and fixed it so it stayed in making him a custom to something in his hole!While that was in the works I made the guy suck me off and take my cock into his mouth deeply, this caused him to grow and be nice and hard.

It was then I told him to fuck my subs bitch arse good and I took the vib out and worked in some lube to grease him up good. I told the guy to push his fat one into the waiting hole and force it in him good! He moaned out loudly which I took as a enjoyable moan and told the guy to fuck his slut whore arse and to pound it for abit so he could feel every inch he had to give.

Now and then I told him to fully pull out of his cock and push it in and out afew times so his hole would retract and then open with each movement.This went on for abit and I made the guy fucking him suck me off ordering him to push his cock in hard.

I took a break and watched and ordered the guy to pull out and play with his arse for me and to stick the vib in and out of his arse for abit of anal play.

I allowed them to suggest some things they wanted to see and then got them to perform it so the guy viewing got off!I then ordered the guy to mount his arse again and to fuck him so the cammers got to see some fucking in the arse and as he did I went over and shoved my cock into his mouth!

The session itself lasted for about 3 hours and then I decided to allow the guy fucking him to suck the sub off as he wanted a load of cum in his mouth.I ordered the sub to tun over and to lay back and told the guy to suck his cock good and deep, about 2 mins into the sub gushed and moaned out a huge load and the guy sucked it all down his throat!

Hope some other perth guys catch this blog and get in contact so you can have your turn with him too. I hope you enjoy the blog and hope to be back soon to write about the next session with the tied up perth guy. Cya

Perth wheres ur fantasy side,cum & play

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