ups.. please .... pt.2  

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7/10/2005 8:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ups.. please .... pt.2

previously on ups... please....lmao....i whispered to him can i cum on ur cock .. of course he said yes lol so i get to work i lick it a lil bit get it moist im already horny and wet so i take the glass away and turn around sit on him reverse cowgurl style and ride him hes moanin im moanin.....{to be continued} ....

i was ridin this complete stranger gettin wetter and wetter with each one of his moans i lean back lay my back on his chest his playin with my nipples pullin them and rubbin them he leans me to the side so he can put my 42 double d breast in his warm hot mouth while he suckin on my nipple he playin with my clit ... n im thinkn my god i wanna explode on his big cock but i hold back i wanna cum when he does so i tell him let me know when ur gona cum . he's so strong he stands up and he cock is still in me he lays me on the dinning room table flips me aound now im facin him he grabs my thighs and fucks me real god so good now im moanin really loud he then sticks his pointer and middle finger in my mouth and i start suckin his finger flickin my tongue on his finger hes moanin im moaninhe then starts carressing my asshole stinkin in and out the tip of his finger it feels so i good i start bittin his fingers softly he then start fuckin me harder and harder faster and faster stickin his finger in my ass at the same time i guess he was doin that so it wont hurt i loved it i wanna cumm so bad he then stops and ask if i have any cucumbers or any corn ears i say yes in the fridge he goes ove to the fridge comes back and brings back a cucumber and some chocolate syrup i ask for whats that he says shhh puts his finger on my lips , pushes me to lay down so i do he whispers close ur eyes i do he put some chocolate syrup on my nipples and chest and starts lickin it off mmmm i moan he then starts carressin my ass again still suckin and nibblin my nipples he sticks his hard cock in my ass i squirm a little bit he holds me down thew he sticks the cucumber in my pussy he starts fuckin me faster and faster im gettin double penetration and i feel like i cant hold my orgasm any more he suckin on my nipples i moan to him that im about to cumm he whisper okie baby im gonna cum with you he start going faster faster faster in my ass and pussy and i never done anal before so it kinda hurts im tryin to take ass much cock as i can but i cant i start screamin softly my god i yell imm cumming he talks durty to me tellin me to cumm all over that cucumber he start moanin and tellsme hes cummin my ass is so tight i feel his cock pumpin his cum out my god that feel so good he lets out a loud moan i let out a soft moan he takes the cucumber out and start eatin eat the cucumber with my pussy juices on it pulls up his pants he starts walks away turns around says thanks grabs his clip board and b 4 he walked out he said thanks for the tip.

polycouple6969 43M/31F

7/11/2005 7:39 am

Not a bad story, though some punctuation and capitalization would be nice. I guess you're trying for some kind of stream of consciousness effect, though. Hey, it got me hard!

isoasugadaddynow 34F
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7/23/2005 6:17 pm

thak you polycouple6969 for readin my blog. all though i must say i thought this was AdultFriendFinder not a language arts class!!!!!

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