A Bossy Fantasy ................................................................3/3  

isoasugadaddynow 34F
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7/20/2005 12:22 pm

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A Bossy Fantasy ................................................................3/3

Previously on A Bossy Fantasy .........
I decided to take advantage of the fact that they were outside. so I take off my shirt and put my skirt up a little bit. I lay down on the desk it felt so good cus it felt so cold on my back . as I lay there breast all out nipples erect I start remembering this morning little fantasy.

I laugh a little then I start caressing my nipples and with one hand and with the other I start caressing my thighs. at the door is boss man watching me he's caressing his cock... I didn't realize he was there until I heard a moan and I knew it wasn't me moaning atleast not just yet.. I sit up and look at the door I see boss man I was in such shock I didn't even remembered to cover my breast I apologized he walks in and tells me its okie that he enjoyed what he saw my face still emotionless I whisper a real soft thanks I guess I get up to put on my shirt and boss man grabs me and starts sucking on my erect nipples I start moving back towards the desk I sit on the desk he start fingering me and rubbing my clit I start caressing his cock with my foot he's all grown. he starts kissing my tummy and goes down further he start sucking on my clit I'm moaning softly.. when Pete walks in we don't care we continue. Pete starts walking toward the desk I grab his cock he pulls down his pants and puts his cock in my mouth I'm thinking to myself my god he's big and thick I love it. boss man is still working on my pussy he can definitely eat some pussy... they switch Pete start sucking on my clit and licking and sucking oh my god he can eat some pussy too this is perfect... boss man pulls his pants down and puts his cock in my mouth he has a nice size cock thick but not as thick's as Pete's but its workable.. Pete pulls out a condom and starts drilling me while boss mans cock is still in my mouth I'm moaning and gagging at the same time it feels soo good I'm playing with my clit mmm so much pleasure for me. boss man tells Pete to stop he sits me up boss man lays on the floor puts a condom on and tell me to sit on his cock he wants to fuck my ass while Pete drills my pussy I sit on his cock Pete continues to drill me they are both fucking me like they are wild animals that have never gotten laid B4 it kinda hurts especially cus Pete has such a big cock. his cock hardly fits but it feels good. I'm not complaining. they decide to switch again I start getting nervous cus of pete's huge cock going in my ass I'm gonna scream just thinking about it my ass already hurts they switch as pete's cock goes in my ass I moan loud. it hurts so bad a few tears come out then boss man puts his cock in my pussy they both start pounding me and all I can think of is my god please let this be over I'm rubbing my clit I'm almost ready to cum..... boss man is playing with my nipple ring while Pete is grabbing me by my hips pounding me on his cock it starts feeling good oh my god I'm gonna cum .... I whisper I'm gonna cum ....ah .... they stop tell me to sit in the chair they take off their condoms and start jerkin their cocks they both tell me their about to cum boss man's hot cum comes first all over my face then Pete's hot cum comes all over my lips they both stick their cock in my mouth well atleast they try to I suck on their heads. Roz hello boss man snaps his fingers in front of me I snap out of it I look at him and smile he ask are you okie I say yea... I said I'm sorry I was day dreaming .... he continues to tell me about this big case....

hungrypussy67 50F
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7/20/2005 6:16 pm

caught me there.......r u sure this is a fantacy????????

isoasugadaddynow 34F
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7/23/2005 6:21 pm

unfortunatly hungrypussy67 it is a fantasy..
shit i wish it wasnt...

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