A Bossy Fantasy .................................................................2/3  

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7/20/2005 8:03 am

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A Bossy Fantasy .................................................................2/3

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I call my boss tell him I'm running a lil late. I had to call I'm new at this firm didn't want to make a bad impression in my first week there. I keep racing till I get to my exit. I get off at my exit speed down the road praying I don't get pulled over. I turn into the plaza park right in front of my job. I jump out and rush thru the door take a deep breath go into my boss's office and check in.... 2 B CONTINUED

my boss told me not to worry that he's not opening the firm today cus he has errands run and he also wanted to fix and move the office around I said okie. he said he asked Pete to come in today. Pete is half Jamaican and half Chinese real hot an a nice body lol... I'm not good with measurements but he looks about 5'11" and around 160 lbs. nice ass, athletic body, juicy lips ....nice very nice. my boss is good looking to he looks like a cross between denzel Washington and daddy Yankee. real lite skinned brother. Mr.Exavier Johnson aka boss man is about 5'11" also he's a little bit more muscular though so he looks like he's 180 lbs. nice lips, sexy abs, real big arms. any way Pete finally arrived so they start moving boss mans office I started dusting an moving the little things around when I was done I left them there moving things I sat down on top of my desk taking a 5 min break. they boys decided to take a break to boss man sat next to me on the desk an Pete went to the bathroom, we started talking bout the firm an a big case we had .. he was giving me an update on it an how everything was going ..then out of nowhere the a/c shut down an the office was getting hot quick we called the electric company they said they will have some one out here as soon as possible so hot I take off my jacket and unbutton 2 buttons of my blouse Pete takes of his jacket and so does boss man we continue to work 20 min's pass I sit on top of boss mans desk with an ice cold bottle of water, Pete and boss man go outside to see if the electric company is here yet. I close the door to boss mans office. I decided to take advantage of the fact that they were outside. so I take off my shirt and put my skirt up a little bit. I lay down on the desk it felt so good cus it felt so cold on my back . as I lay there breast all out nipples erect I start remembering this morning little fantasy.

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