Ladies - You are writing me back and...  

ismymaninhere 42F
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10/19/2005 5:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ladies - You are writing me back and...

some of you want more information. But, I have reached my limit on how many e-mails I can send out in a 24 hour period. I do know he has been looking up north, on vancouver island, in the kootneys and in the okanagan.

I do know he visits those places often or at least now and then.

I do know he has no conscious, but has a very, very kind introduction period. Almost unreal...such a nice guy! Not the best looking guy in the world and a little short for my liking, but has a charisma that would...well...charm your pants off. If that's all you want - go for it BUT MAKE HIM USE PROTECTION AND YOU WILL HAVE A BIT OF A ISSUE WITH HIM ON THAT...HE CAN'T CUM VERY EASILY WITH IT...I'M NOT A SCORED WOMAN I'M HERE TO WARN YOU ONLY.

back to his would never believe what a pathological liar he really is. I couldn't believe it and I've been with him for a while. Too long a while. I've been sitting here stumped and completely horrified at my own stupid way of looking at things:

1. I'm going to meet a 'friend' (translation - a new AdultFriendFinder person).
2. I can't take you with me because I want time with my family (translation - I found a new fuck for a few nights).
3. I have to work, go to a business meeting, take a course - anywhere but where you live (translation - I'm on the prowl).
4. The guys and I are going golfing (translation - you are such a sucker you would really believe I'd golf when there is so much sex to be found on these sites!).

Now, I'm covering my ass here. He does not use all of the above but I know my friends who have cheating lovers who DO USE THESE LINES.

check them out before you silently drive yourself insane wondering if he really cares about you.

I once heard - if you think he is married, or cheating on you - he is. A detective agency said that. Any woman who comes in suspecting their man is screwing around could benefit from the knowledge that they are right 98% of the time. Once it gets to the point you want to hire or trail him yourself...too late...he's cheating so don't go out of your way. Your mind knows more than your heart does.

MarriedLdyOMy 54F
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10/19/2005 6:33 pm

Sadly, that's all true.

(Juan S)
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10/19/2005 7:29 pm

Being a person that happened to be in the 2% that was not, when my ex-wife truthfully believed that I was...I would advise anyone to find out for sure before you make any decisions. My ex believed I was and between her friends and her family made life practically Hell for herself, for me and for our two children, until it resulted in a divorce...When she found out that I had NOT been cheating...she was too embarrassed and proud to apologize, on top of the fact that so much anger and animosity had been caused during the period that she believed, I was cheating. I use to hold my two children as they cried themselves to sleep for months. Telling them that the truth would come out and mommy would be back. Your man is cheating? You know for sure? Then HIS Loss, move on... but the key factor here is that getting other people all riled up, may not work for them.

BelleoftheBall03 47F

10/19/2005 7:46 pm

I have to say that it's sad, but true. I believe you and agree with what you are saying. The thing about this site is that it's just for fun. If a woman expects to find a man here that will really care about her, I'm afraid she will be in for a dissappointment. You aren't going to find that on AdultFriendFinder. If you begin to realize that you aren't having fun anymore, it's time to move on! There are other websites for people who want to find a soul mate or a real life partner. are better choices for someone looking for real love.

BigGus57 59M
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10/19/2005 8:20 pm

We're all big boys and girls, and maybe there a few assholes of both sexes out there, but don't despair. Sometimes if something looks too good it probably is. I'm a married guy in a marriage that is good, but I still would like to be with other women sexually. Maybe I am selfish, but why are any of us here anyway? Think about it! We want something more, something different, something new and exciting, or maybe just a new friend or two. If that makes me a jerk, or something else then so be it. If you fall for some assholes lines or a pretty boy face then you need to look in the mirror and decide who's fault it really is? Why are you here? I want to meet womn who are interesting, warm, affectionate, horny little bitches. I want to like you, and fuck the shit out of you. So does that make me a jerk, well maybe if you were reading into this relationship more than what it really was meant to be. One of the best relationships I ever had was a "friend with benefits" that I had for almost six years. Damn I miss her sometimes, but you know what we were not only lovers, but really good friends. I don't know I guess I am rambling here. Just relax, open your eyes, and don't be taken for a fool. This guy was an asshole, but it doesn't mean everyone else is gonna be. Take care, be happy, and watch who you give your heart to.

fishn4funwithu 47M

10/19/2005 8:24 pm

does the same apply to women? Alot of that sounds like my wife. well you know the excuses and such. Instead of golfing she goes to the mall all day and is out with the girls until 2 am. Things like that.

ismymaninhere 42F

10/20/2005 1:12 am

no body should be 'ryled' up by my blog or profile except if HE OR SHE is doing something wrong. I've had over 40 messages from women and men who are sincere, beautiful people (yes, even within these rooms I take note that we are ALL only human, afterall).

If you are angry with my profile or my deep...deep within your own soul and ask yourself, "why am I so upset that this woman is coming in my private world and stirring up the pot."

Why? Because I am affected by this site in ways that your brain dead mind can't imagine. For example, I care about people. I care about myself first (something you might want to consider for YOURself). I care that I have a lifelong disease that makes me look like a whore to any man I tell about this little passalonger. No, I may not have cold sores, I may not be all blistery this week...and my warts may not be showing because my medication is keeping it under control. But the fact remains that I have two very serious life long virus's that can only be attributed to the man I am speaking about IN THESE ROOMS.

Once I was told, "if you have one or two carpenter rest assured you have 100,000 lurking in the corners" It was true. I made the mistake of not hiring an extermindater and sure enough I found them rummaging in my pantry with all those lovely cardboard boxes of cereal, etc. to eat. It was a massive infestation that took over seven months to completely distroy. How long does it take to completely distroy a STD? A lifetime. We are bigger than ants and have more virus's and issues and 'water' to keep us alive. We are full of sickness and bacteria that can make you vomit to even just look at. I know. Just ask me.

Or, keep looking the other way. Imagine she is just what you are looking for. She has clear skin, doesn't smoke, works out...and maybe even a vegetarian! Wow! You think to yourself...this must be a clean chick! Little do you know her one and favorite sex. With as many guys as she can. She even likes the idea of being gang-banged. She is a 'free-spirit'! Looks like the girl next door (do to her diet and working out where she meets many men). Ah yes, sex keeps her going.

And then the men she is with. Well! They are also working out and watching the bodies. They know where the women with hard-bodies are!!! and they prowl, and snoop, and pretend to be nice guys who care about their bodies. Oh come on!!! Just who the hell do we think we are fooling??? Just ask yourself this: Why do YOU go to the gym? Do you like to show off your body to the opposite sex? Do you want to get noticed? Of course you do. WE ALL DO!

Please, just stop kidding yourself about how many people you think your knight in shining armour or your princess of a gal next door has been sleeping with. You aint going to get the truth or facts from them. Okay, ask yourself this, "would I tell a new lover how many people I've been with in the last six months?"

No, I didn't think so.

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