why are we choosing this path? from March in my other journal  

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5/30/2005 9:23 am

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why are we choosing this path? from March in my other journal

Still transferring entries from my other blog. This was written a few months ago when I was looking at why I wanted to choose this path. It is a continual growing process for me and I am learning that life can be fun and there are so many friends to make along the way:

March 05:
Why do we want to “swing” ie... live the Lifestyle?! These are questions that I am asking myself. I don’t want to over analyze but I also don’t want to miss any signs that we are headed into territory that could cause us trouble. I question me, not my husband. I question my motivations. On one hand hubby is more than enough. He is a great lover, fun, erotic and in tune to my needs and desires. He is the only one that I have had sex with for over 17 years. I love our sex life. Do I want to share our joy with others? Do I just want more of what we have? Do I crave strange and new lovers? The smell of another man? The touch of a women? And if I do, is it wrong? Is this a path that will bring us closer together? Will it tear us apart?

I want more of what we have. If I am being selfish or greedy then so be it
It is funny how I have never really worried about hubby’s motives. I can only be aware of mine. When signing up for AdultFriendFinder, it was like I did so without thinking, like I was on automatic, like this is where we were headed all the time. Natural..yes, it seemed natural. I have to stop sometimes and look around and realize that it is NOT natural for most of the population. But, I do believe that it is right and natural for us. I believe we can work out the kinks (in more ways than one)as we go. Maybe I am naive but only time will tell. Maybe I am just going through a midlife crisis....more and more I “just want to have fun”.....more thoughts on this down the road. At least I am not going out and spending money on a red sports car we can’t aford.....

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