Random thoughts of a well adjusted person.  

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5/15/2005 11:38 pm

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Random thoughts of a well adjusted person.

This is really the first time I've felt the need to write my thoughts down, I have no clue why I picked a blog.. but I digress... I've been watching allot of TV and I've kinda been on a queens of the stoneage and deftones kick. don't know if the combo is too good for mental health because I've lost all faith in humanity. I mean sweet Jesus, is this world not going to hell in a hand basket or what?!? Some fuckin nut just killed his kid and her friend, he admitted it and all, and there STILL going to send his ass to trial!! WTF?!? Why not take his ass outside the courthouse and airhole his head and save us taxpayers that don't hack up out families the money its gonna take to not only convict him, but house, feed, take care of medically, and all the other shit that goes with keeping scumbags alive. and don't give me that "but he's sick and needs help" shit. fuck that and fuck you. think about the horror, betrayal, fear and pain that those 2 little girls went through while someone they loved and trusted brutally stabbed them over 30 times a piece. even if he's mentally sick, and we somehow cured him, do you think he would want to live with what he has done? I have the same thoughts on diddlers. if you a child and you are caught and convicted or you admit it, you should be killed on sight.

ok i feel better now....................

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