Story written by a Friend...Part Four  

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Story written by a Friend...Part Four

Fisting her hands on his head and in his hair, she put everything she was into the kiss, her soul flying through her breath, to infuse his with her own spirit: One. A kiss was meant to be this way, a sharing of souls.

With a cry, and acute writhing madness, her hands made their way between their bodies enough to feel where they are pressed against each other. His hot cock strained against his black pants, showing her what she had to look forward to in the next while. Her clit was swollen like a ripe strawberry and her lips engorged with passionate fury, fluid escaped her in deep juicy waves; a preliminary event to the mindless experiences about to come.

With a muttered curse, she felt herself being lifted away from the wall. She was still wrapped around him like a sensual blanket, her mouth fused with his as he moved through the alcove. Coming to a stop she looked around her, her breath hitching in her throat she noticed a beautiful small waterfall pool. The sensual sound of the water cascading rippled over her skin, like she wanted his tongue to.

Feeling her body slowly being set down in a sliding fashion, she glanced at the stranger in curiosity. Wondering how he found such a place of dreamlike beauty she asked him, only to find out he owned it.

Thinking she was on another planet, she looked around to confirm she was actually still on earth, the sound of a nearby horn confirming her reality in this earthly plane.

Turning her back to him, she looked out over the pool, her chest heaved in still unfulfilled passion and longing. Then she felt it, the slight sensation of warm fingers on skin. Looking over her shoulder and seeing him kneel behind her, she moaned as his hands traveled the length under her dress and up her thighs. His fingers lightly grasped the edges of her black silk garter, and the night air rushed up her fluttering skirt to tease and tantalize her hot pussy, exposed in no panties.

Then the air rushed out of her as his hands took handfuls of the rounded globes of her buttocks and kneaded gently, causing her knees to almost buckle; but he held her steady. Sliding his head under the skirt of her dress, she felt his hot tongue trace the gentle seam of her hot ass, making her moan loudly at the invasion of hot tongue against even hotter skin. Her head thrown back in abandon, she braced herself on the table in front of her. Supporting herself through this erotic foray into this stranger’s mouth and whims; she did not know if she could handle what he thought up next.

His hands were beautiful beyond words. Large, with just a hint of masculine roughness, they explored in a way that brought fire to her heart; preparing her for whatever came next. Feeling his fingers slide along her garter, she clenched her hands on the table; willing she to remain calm enough to stay upright in this quiet lover’s search. His only sound his heart–it was resonance that could not be covered.

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