The joys of making cheesecake  

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12/22/2005 10:16 pm

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The joys of making cheesecake

Last year I made the mistake of baking nine different cheesecakes, slicing them into 9 pieces and giving away 9 assorted cheesecakes. So this year when I innocently asked what they wanted for Christmas several answered cheesecake.

So I'm baking cheesecake again this year. I dropped a few recipes, and picked up two new ones for this year. Luckily last year I found out most of the recipes actually yield enough for two 8" cheesecakes. So while I'm only baking 7 different recipes, I'll end up with 13 cheesecakes (several relatives wanted to be added to my cheesecake list) and rather than chop them into multi assorted sets, most are getting an assortment of 4, or if they had a favorite 1/2 of that and 2 different 1/4 slices.

Been baking cheesecake this week, two recipes a day, had a lot of running around to do on Monday. Have one recipe and a ton of things to do tomorrow.

But they sure do look pretty and I'm looking forward to enjoying a slice.

rm_dong4un42141 37M

12/22/2005 10:46 pm

Do you bake in a springform, or in regular 8" pans? Waterbath or not?

If you have any good recipes, I'd love to trade.

I have one for a Pralines cheesecake and another for a key lime cheesecake.

intriguess279 39F

12/25/2005 9:38 pm

aluminium cake pans (I like the straight sides makes it easier to get the slices out), I typically make all graham cracker crusts, though a few recipes call for something else.

only the eggnog cheesecake required a waterbath

the recipes are in no particular order (and off the top of my head, my recipe list is elsewhere at moment)

Butterscotch (did not make this year) used pudding and had excellent crust with pecans in it
Dutch Apple (did not make this year)
Grasshopper (did not make this year) chocalate mint
Black Forest Cherry - chocalate cherry, this year I topped with raspberries instead, uses condensed milk
Eggnog - made with rum
Coconut - has cool whip and coconut in it, and toasted coconut on top
Marbled Strawberry - always a favorite and one of the best looking ones, uses condensed milk
Ameretto - smells amazing as you put a glaze of sour cream and ameretto on the fresh from oven cheesecake and let it soak for a day, and has cinnamon added to the chocalate graham cracker crust
Peppermint (new this year) uses crushed mints in batter, sprinkled on top before baking and mixed in cool whip on top
Lemon Blueberry (new this year) it tastes pretty good without the blueberries

I'm looking for a easy turtle cheesecake recipe and chocalate peanut butter for next year.

rm_dong4un42141 37M

12/27/2005 7:34 am

I got your turtle cheesecake:

Use just a standard cheesecake recipe as a basis.

Use chocolate graham crackers, and use about 1/4 cup less, and replace that with 1/4 cup finely chopped pecans. you might have to add a slight bit more butter, or prebake the crust for a few minutes to get it to stick.

When you're pouring your batter into your crust, marble in a good amount of caramel ribbon. I use caramel sundae topping, or you can make your own from a can of sweetened condensed milk by boiling it for about three hours, putting it into a ziploc, cutting the corner slightly, and piping it in.

Bake the cheesecake as normal, and let it cool completely (8 hrs is best.)

when it is cooled completely, if the top is uneven, trim it up a bit to make it nice and flat (I use dental floss)slowly heat half a bag of milk chocolate chips (I love the ghirardelli, but only my BEST friends get that!) with a half pint of heavy cream on a double boiler to make ganache. don't stir it too much or let water get in it! Pour that over the top, let it run down the sides, then garnish with pecans (I sometimes use whole, sometimes pieces), and some caramel drizzle.

It's not too difficult, but a bit time consuming, and my friends say its better than sex.

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