Yay Japan!!  

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3/20/2006 10:38 pm

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Yay Japan!!

It is possible that some of you might not know I love sports, especially the game of baseball, and am something of a baseball historian (amongst my multitude of hobbies), so it is especially pleasing for me to see Japan in the World Baseball Classic tonight. Japan was one of the first countries to really take to baseball, and it is still the most popular sport in the country (though soccer is catching up there). When the United States got eliminated, I decided to go for Japan in the final round, and Japan really deserved to advance after they were cheated out of a possible victory against the U.S. So, Japan exorcises the demons of Korea (who had beaten them twice), then hangs 10 on the Cubans tonight to win the World Baseball Classic. Frankly, it could not happen to a classier team, led by Sadaharu Oh, their manager and the all-time professional baseball home run leader, and Ichiro, clearly one of the greatest all around players in the game now. Just a great tournament for a great sport and reminder that the best players don't always make the best team. Japan was the best team tonight, and a well deserved congratulations to Team Nippon


Oh, on just a purely aesthetic note, Japan had some of the coolest uniforms in the tournament, particularly their batting helmet and road jersey. Very sci-fi/anime, and very cool.

catseyes23 61F

3/20/2006 11:57 pm

I am not a baseball fan, but living here in Japan I found myself following the World Baseball Classic. It has been on the T.V. all day here. Amazing sportmanship for a wonderful team. I totally agreee with you on the uniforms.


intierzha replies on 3/21/2006 4:00 pm:
Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the games


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