War Prayers  

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3/19/2006 11:41 pm

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War Prayers

Not really much to say tonight to mark the passing of our 3rd year in Iraq. I want to send out my continued support to our troops in the field and the hope that they would come home soon. I also leave you with a piece I wrote not long after the war and occupation began. And while the poem itself is not set in the modern era, my heart was with our troops and still is.

'War Prayers'

Our Father...

Dust choked, mud soaked roads
We march to our end.
Sounds of thunder loom in the distance,
We know what fire awaits.
Up the rise, toward the lines
We form to make our stand.

Who art in Heaven

Grape shot, musket, cannonade
We hold fast in the terrible storm.
Screams of agony all around,
We will remember victory's price.
Drawing swords, fixing bayonets
We are ready for our end.

Hallowed be thy name.

Raging, charging, ever closer
We await the great melee
Dying in droves yet no one runs,
We fire into the unyielding host.
Reloading through the chaotic din,
We see them strike into our hearts.

Thy kingdom come...

Slashing, tearing maddening horror
We crumble beneath their fury.
Comrades fall as a driving rain,
We give them a ferocious riposte.
Overwhelming numbers, within the lines
We fight until the end.

Thy will be done...

Dust choked, blood soaked roads
We march to our end.
Sounds of thunder fade...
We hear the prayers for the dead.



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