Two Journeys  

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Two Journeys

Warning: Serious Nerd Content Ahead

I'm not sure how much sense this will make to some, but to others, it might. I suspect it really does not matter in this case. 29 years ago, I had just turned 4, and still remember the wonder of what I had just seen in the movie theater, small though it may have been. Yet, it was the whole universe to my young eyes. The 'Star Wars' saga gave me the kind of hope I needed when I was a kid, and in some ways, even now,the hope I still need. I wrote this 3 days before I saw the last 'Star Wars' movie. I shared this on another site, and since there have been some nerdy/geek discussions in this blog, I felt I should share this poem here and what it has been like being influenced by the Saga. This has been the road I have taken in the context of the journey of the movies. Again, strange to some... but looking back on how things have gone, not sure I would change it... much

'Two Journeys'

Not so long ago,
Dreaming of galaxies far away...

So young and naive, barely a child
Reaching toward something so amazing,
Real and imagined, borne of heroes
And hope...
The triumph of good, knowing it would
Always prosper... always vanquish

Brothers and friends rebelled against
An empire of bedtimes, watching one last time,
Winning another fantastic battle, bred from
Endless summers...
We waited for another triumph, fearless
As youth can be... not understanding
What was to come.

Fathers and Sons tried to understand
How to redeem each other from their own
Fall from grace, tempered by unenviable
I held fast through the suffering, Believing
As an innocent would... triumphant in survival.
Evil would not wait.

Facing adulthood, still a tad naive,
Traveling from a continent to another,
Real beyond words, torn by images
Of death...
What was good did not prosper, not in that
Cruel, terrible place... understanding
What fear really was.

So young and naive, just a child
Reaching back to a mother's love,
Warm and real, but lost hidden in a realm
Of fear...
Good had its triumphs, hoping it could still
Prosper... Evil, though,
Could wait.

Love and lovers reveled as they often do,
Spurning empires of reality, dreaming another Time,
Ecstatic in fantastic moments of desire, born
From love's ideals...
We embraced what could not end, confident in our
Goodness... not realizing how quick
It fades.

Triumph and tragedy become such a blur,
Defined by moments, some real... others imagined,
Though still yearning for something so amazing
Yet always beyond our grasp...
Heroes and villains, darkness and light...
A choice... not understanding
The source of one's fear.

It all comes to a close...
I remember being so young and hopeful
Not so long ago,
Still dreaming of a galaxy far, far away...


BaronessK 52F

6/18/2006 1:41 am

Where's the clapping and bowing emoticons, dammit?!

intierzha replies on 6/20/2006 1:51 am:
Thanks so much. I figured a fellow geek would appreciate the context. Strange how I managed to make so much of my life fit the movies... or is it vice versa?


BaronessK 52F

6/21/2006 12:38 am

Life imitating Art? Well, why not? There is nothing new under the sun....

intierzha 43M

6/21/2006 12:59 am

Btw, since I am sure you read the post 'One Last Poem' about my brother, I suspect you might have caught the references to him in this poem. Really, it's as much an homage to him as 'Star Wars' since he was so much a part of my life then... and who else was I going to share my 'Star Wars' figures with? (I still have a few from that time period, along with my extensive collection from the current film).


BaronessK 52F

6/28/2006 2:47 pm

I always wanted an Ewok 'doll'...or a real-life 'guy Wookie'...!

intierzha replies on 6/28/2006 6:12 pm:
Me and my siblings had some 'Ewok' dolls. My sister still has my brother's Chewbacca.


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