The Other Side of War  

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The Other Side of War

Last war poem, I promise.

I was inspired to write this while overseas, but actually never finished until I made it back home. I really was not thinking of the Iraq war/occupation, but more about one of my field's of study, military history. Unlike some who study this field, I don't focus so much on the battles sometimes, but on the overall effect of war in question. True, the battles can determine the outcome and warrant examination, but in the case of the Great War... well, it was nothing but pure, unimaginable slaughter.

'The Other Side of War'

Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato

Rays of sunlight obscured by ashen clouds,
Nothing left for the world to warm.
Suffering, mangled forms battered into dust,
Resolve and spirit crushed by steel and fire.
They wait for the shadows to fade...
They all wait, but it does not come.
It does not end.

Torrents of blood drenched by driving rain,
Scoured raw through a cleansing storm.
Fragmenting, restless thoughts carried away,
Caught upon the edge of razor and bayonet.
They hope for morning upon their face...
They all hope, yet morning does not come.
It will not end.

Memories of passion enveloped within happier days,
Clinging to a surface beneath the thunderous din.
An agonizing torment yielding no respite,
What awaits, a relief beyond the battle's cry.
They die reaching to the other side...
They all die, finally seeing the other side,
Finally knowing war's end.


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