The Kingdom of the Blind  

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3/15/2006 8:57 pm

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The Kingdom of the Blind

I wish this was about the one-eyed man or perhaps the Babylon 5 episode of the same name, but I am referring to a previous post by myself on belief and thought, and this adds to it a bit. Once belief goes down a dark road and becomes fanatcism (the worst kind of faith), we then enter this kingdom of the blind that allows a false version of what is upheld to prevail.

Now, before I begin to offend anyone (how ironic, if I were talking about how I would love an anal gang bang, hardly anyone would be offended... except maybe me, lol), I fully accept and understand those who subscribe to a less violent form of faith, the kind that does not make one blind. I used to subscribe to it, and because of that, my heart goes out to it. I know the message of the great prophets of this world, and I accept them in my own way, yet what has and is being done in the names of faith and belief are abhorrent. Only a profound change in understanding of self and the universe at large can reverse this trend. I see many persons evoking such change, and I wish the many persons could become many people. Until then, I am satisfied with my choices, my rejection of this brand of ideology disguised as theology. When it becomes ethical again, perhaps I would reconsider, but I doubt it. So I write, in the hopes that others understand, and make their choices based on understanding and not blindness.

Since poetry is such a passionate art, I leave you with a poem on the subject. If I cause offense, my apologies in advance. In the end, the choice is not mine... I can only comment and do my best to understand and continue to seek my own enlightenment. Whatever path you choose, I wish you all the best.

'False Gods'

Their love was not enough
Their deaths a rationale.
You were blinded by adulation
Buoyed from their deeds in your name.
Their joy had to be tempered
With your zeal for fire and sword.
Their love could never be enough
Unless they all loved you.

Their deaths were your price
For their idea of your love.
They were deceived by false hope
Fueling their desire for deeds in your name.
Your anger was made manifest
In the fire within their eyes.
Their deaths would be enough
Since they would not love you.

How many dead?
Shall I count the graves?
How many lives is their love worth?

Their hopes you have borne
To make real horrific ideals.
You craved their adoration
Praising deeds conducted in your name.
This madness you have created
With their zeal for fire and sword,
You believed would be enough
To make them all love you.

My love was not enough
To embrace the idea of your love.
I am hardened by cold facts
Of the deeds allowed in your name.
My joy comes in rejection
Of your zeal for fire and sword.
Perhaps you will take my life
But you will never have my love.

How many dead?
Shall we count the graves?
How many lives is your love worth?


note to self: next time talk about gang bangs... a much safer subject.

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