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3/21/2006 11:40 pm

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Other Days

First a real life update: For my many fans, I will have to leave you from Thursday to Sunday (yes, I realize most of my fans are imagined, but one does what one must for AggieCon at Texas A&M. I will be selling anime stuff, but it is also a scifi con, so I will be able to communicate to others in our secret languages, lol. Anyway, since a PS2 game I have been really looking forward to(no, Kingdom Hearts 2 is next week... Suikoden V) is coming out tomorrow, the likelihood of me posting anything tomorrow is near to zero, so this is likely my last post until I get back from Aggieland.

Ok, to the post itself. Again, more of my crazy poetry stuff and a rather stream of consciousness piece that was partially inspired by the Star Trek episode 'City on the Edge of Forever', an experience with the homeless on the side of the road and my decision not to help, and two articles on homelessness on another site. The inspiration made a profound impact on the way I perceive those in need. True, it is hard to tell who really needs help, but what if the one person we turn away is in the most need? Some times one just has to say 'Let me help'. I know I can't every day or every time, but what if there is not another day? It's tough, but then these sorts of things should be.

'Another Day'

Maybe today...

Walking right past
embarrassed for them
not me... just guilt
use it for booze dope
food? what if
no time will be late
make it to class... safe
mind on work away from
pleading that look

Perhaps this day...

Driving on by
wanting reaching maybe
light change look
away that sign
fake.. need work
we all do money so do I
lost just turn busy
poor myself what then
want to... run
not my problem

Let them help...

Not me
a step removed from the street
thinking it could be
sleeping cold begging
work handouts for
booze? to keep warm anything
something too proud never get
that way... the rich
their duty not mine
have little but nothing less
if not you
then who?

Another day... this day

No longer waiting gone
in the news frozen elements
no warmth blanket papers cold
dead not... my fault
guilt rampaging within did all...
nothing not even a word
wanted to did you
came today too late
overwhelming pity remorse
someone else...
did not

Maybe today...

They walked right past
watching them embarrassment
guilt no pride
just looking driving walking away
safer to run not think
but cannot run anymore
reaching out my hand

Let me help... today.


soft_ntempting 40F

4/3/2006 5:13 pm

Hi, you write interesting stuff!



intierzha replies on 4/3/2006 7:33 pm:
Thank you very much and thanks for stopping by


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