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4/24/2006 7:37 pm

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Moving Along

Well, today has been interesting. I spent most of it dealing with work and waiting on a client to pay my company, and then I found out about my missing swords... yes, I am an arms dealer on the side, lol. Seriously, my shipment of anime swords (to sell at anime conventions... crazy thought, that) finally arrived. The trick was unloading them as they were insanely heavy. In any event, this will help with the convention this weekend in Houston and help us further at the convention in Chicago the next week.

Eventually, my company got paid and more payments are being expected later in the week. What this allows me to do is finally get the funds to finish my studies. This will likely further accelerate my plans for teaching, as I plan to do some ESL work overseas before I come back and teach in the States.

So this all means I will be moving along with my life for once in a direction that does not involve backwards. I always knew I should teach (along with write), but I never was able to progress. Some of it has been purely financial. Other times, I think I grew accustomed to my life situation. The thing is, I had realized I needed to move on, to do what was necessary for my own life, and not doing for others... which, as it has turned out, has been holding me back some.

Well, more updates when I find out more, and now back to my regularly scheduled poetry.


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