Hanging Out In TV Land or Movie Land  

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3/5/2006 6:53 pm

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Hanging Out In TV Land or Movie Land

Sounds like I should be in a Disney park or something (which I was last Monday and the Thursday before that, and did see their Movie Land of a sorts, MGM studios). Maybe my life is perhaps that surreal, that it belongs in a theme park. My subconscious could be that screwed up,lol. I actually, don't have anything interesting or pithy or deep to say tonight, just a little tired, but I needed to write something, and this is the best outlet, even if these are a few insane ramblings at best. So, forgive the disjointed thoughts.

I think I really don't care about the Oscars tonight. Too many good movies got ignored, and too much is made over too few movies I think. 'Brokeback Mountain' was a good movie, but not the equal of 'Good Night and Good Luck', 'Munich' or even 'Walk the Line'. Now, 'Crash' had no business being nominated, and one really deserving movie got snubbed completely... (no, not Star Wars, though it got robbed and not nominated for best visual effects, wtf? Instead, make up?) 'Lord of War'. It is perhaps because this movie made many Oscar-ites wince and was far superior to most of the movies nominated. (heck, even 'Syriana' was better than 'Crash') Now I am a big fan of politcal/war movies in general, so I could be biased, but watch the movie then see for yourself. Best we can all do Ok, enough Oscar talk. I had my say.

Speaking of TV, watched my first NASCAR race of the season. I missed Daytona because I was out of town, and am probably going to miss at least the first Texas race. I used to not care for it much, but thanks to my parents, it has grown on me, and they do have the best cookouts when there is a race on. (well, they cookout every Sunday, but still...) I liked todays Busch series race cause it was a road course, and those tend to be my favorite because you have to be a great behind the wheel to drive that type of course. Also, I've been staying up late to catch some of the World Baseball Classic... wont have to this week as all the games are in the US or its dependents (so in the same time zone). Hey, and who else is psyched for the World Cup? The good ole' US team is undefeated in warm ups this year (after losing only 3 last year), and is ranked 6th in the world; however, they start the World Cup with the Czechs, then play Italy, and finally a pretty stout Ghana side. They are going to have to play their best, even better than in Korea/Japan to advance, I think.

Well, I think I have geeked out enough for the moment. I should put in a movie and hang some new Star Wars stuff I picked up today. (yes, I know I am a dork... but if you're on this site, arent you kind of one too? But I freely admit to being much more nerdy than the average nerd

Take care all and till next time,

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