Disquiet Notions  

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4/20/2006 10:43 am

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Disquiet Notions

Wow, I hadn't posted in a couple of days, but in a scant 2 months or so (closer to 10 weeks) I've broken the 50 post barrier... that should slow down since I am running out of poetry, lol. Of course, the stuff I have posted is a snapshot of my life in the past 10 years or so, with the rare poem going back a little further. And since I am not into masochism, I am not going to post most of what I have from that long ago. I can't believe I wrote half the stuff I wrote then. Ah well, part of growing as a writer. For example, I never would have considered this style or been able to comprehend much of the subtext in the poem I am about to post. That's the wisdom of hindsight for you. Anyway, this piece is a bit chaotic, and it is intentional, mostly an experiment in writing without considering the verse form. Still, I kind of liked the way it turned out and reminds me that a funk can be just as much philosophical as physical or emotional.

'Disquiet Notions'

Empty spaces closing advancing upon shadow
Tenuous nervous accord
Believing irrelevance drifts aside toward
Distinct yet bellicose revelations
Resigning events feigning happiness
Suppressing action desire reaction
Forcing smiles glancing askance
Though smoldering remnants consume
Distinction resolution incapable inevitable...

My price for contemplation
A welcome hope for joy
But whose
All that I would give
Have given...

Moments inescapable soothing disquiet nights
Memories beaming through laments
A regret
All I have left to give...

And yet...
Not even regret erases these stains.


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