Civility in the Internet Age  

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3/17/2006 11:45 pm

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Civility in the Internet Age

I have to say, it is a wonder that civilization has not ended thanks to the Internet. I suppose this is the pot calling the kettle black accusing the Internet whilst writing upon it. Ah, irony... a fantastic literary device, but terrible in real life. This is so mostly because something bad tends to happen for the irony to occur, usually to the one noticing the irony. Enough of that, for that is not the subject of this writing. Truly, it is the flippant and cavalier degradation of good manners that plagues the Internet and its associated applications (some emails, IM and chat rooms). Then comes the spelling and grammar, while really a subject in its own right, defies understanding. If one thinks that this is simply an Internet phenomenon, I challenge anyone to read the average high school or even college paper. Listing facts does not make an essay. Anyway, back to civility and good manners. Sorry for waxing tangential.

In general, if someone attempts to contact me, I respond, and I endeavour to do so in an expedient fashion. It could be because of the way I grew up, or that I simply feel if a person has taken the time from their schedule to deal with me, then I owe it to them to reply(needless to say, this normally does not apply to telemarketers and stalkers, lol). Now it is true I do not get a lot of mail and am not overwhelmed like some people on this site are; however, I get a deluge of mail every week from the writing site I frequent (especially recently), and I take the time to affect a civil reply. So I can understand that it can be trying, truly. What bothers me in general is that I feel I deserve the same civility and decency I have engendered to others. If that is vain or arrogant, then so be it. I feel it is not, but like others, I feel I should be treated how I would treat others... I know, crazy concept, lol.

What does this mean in the long run? Not much. And I am sure many will just dismiss this that I am complaining because I am a guy, and not an attractive one at that. Well, if it makes you happy, ok then. But for those of you that have taken the time to be thoughtful and civil, and are yourselves likewise, I am sure you will understand.

So I leave you with the hope you all had a nice St. Patrick's Day and weren't celebrating too fiercely

Have a good weekend,

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