Articles of War  

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Articles of War

Well, time to turn an accidental double post into a whole new one... I meant to post this on Memorial Day, but entering the weekend will do

The following poem I wrote about two years ago at around the same time, and was partially inspired by the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. It is truly an impressive and amazing memorial to all the participants in Australia's wars. One of the finest memorials I have ever seen. Anyway, the title sounds like I am commenting on the conduct of war... hardly that. More about what is left behind.

So, while we are engaged in the many activities of a long weekend, do take a moment and remember those who have served, do serve, and will do so in the future... at least until the broken promises of war finally fade.

'Articles of War'

In an instant...
Leaping racing to their doom
charging into a deadly space
hearing a simple primal call
clinging... holding to
a peace pushing back the fear.

A promise...
Clawing hanging on the surface
wrapped within rapid thoughts
dodging traversing shattered earth
sensing the ultimate price
desperate yet determined to
honour more than words can know.

Throughout the carnage...
terrified elation for an eternal moment
torn asunder in mere seconds
cursing yearning toward a ruin
broken mangled by a thunderous end
unable to grasp
a smoldering remain of a once beating heart.

In an instant...
ten thousand photographs...
ten thousand smiles...
fragments of promises laid low
but never forgotten
buried beneath an eternal no man's land
interred within the deadly space of time.


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