Alternate Lives  

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2/14/2006 11:12 pm

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Alternate Lives

just an aside: I should be sleeping, but since that is denied to me at the moment, you can listen to me blather.

Well, I will be off in the morning for a two week anime odyssey of profit. So, if anyone is into wishing people luck, I am all for it. We can always use more luck and more people buying our stuff. It's sort of a higher calling... and I would always like for the gods of merchants to favour us. I should be back, hopefully, by the 27th, so even more people will not miss reading the weirdness I have been throwing into the ether. Though I hope to make up for its absence when I do return.

Now, switching train wrecks entirely to the above title. Mere moments ago, I started thinking about the issue of alternate (past, forward, sideways) lives after the question was asked to me on another site. It was nice to see, since I had not thought about this in some time and the idea of multiple incarnations certainly is consistent with my view of the universe. Also, I have written a poetic piece regarding the issue and 1.5 stories (the original and a possible revision). Fear not, neither will be reprinted here, more for space considerations than anything else. If anyone is interested, though, email me and I will be happy to direct you to the site that has my writing portfolio. Writing aside, the thoughts of alternate lives does appeal to me, and should appeal to others as well.

First and foremost, the knowledge that our regrets do not have to be forlorn, that we can undo some of our mistakes has an appeal. Of course, in a past life or future life, that is not as much the case; however, one might be able to learn something from such a life and apply it to the present, thereby altering the course of one's present life. Now this means having the ability or awareness to sense these connections from the past, the future or in other dimensions (btw, as our understanding of quantum mechanics continues to deepen, the ability to sense or view these connections will not seem so initially far fetched). Sensing such connections is really quite difficult, and most of the time I am left with images or thoughts I do not quite recollect, but seem familiar all at once. I only understand in terms of opening my awareness to the universe, and sometimes, I understand a little more. 'What might have been' becomes a reality across the gulf of space time. That is the hope of an alternate life.

Another aspect of this is the issue of continuance: our lives move on while the universe does what it does. It gives us a sense of eternal , just like an afterlife does for others. In a way, this is my afterlife. One journey ends, another begins. No more complex than arriving in paradise. We all want to know that our soul will go on. That yearning is inherent in us. Were it not, I think we would have far fewer religions advocating the soul moving onward after death. So I continue, we continue until... another journey. Another universe. Another life.

Well, not much more to add other than I hope everyone has a nice next couple of weeks.


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