Washed ashore on a sexual island: Part II  

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Washed ashore on a sexual island: Part II

The night air is cool against your cheek, and the warm ground beneath your feet is solid and unyielding. You can hear the sigh of the wind dancing through the palm fronds of the tall trees, and in the close distance the pounding of the surf rushes into the grainy beach, then giggles back out into the starlit night. I am leading you, blindfolded, to a private hut nestled against a lush tropical jungle, just off the main path of the beach.

Were you able to look out from the inside, the candle lit room would throw a soft amber glow onto a worn beach walkway, butted against on both sides by thick island grasses. The path would lead you, rather quickly, to the beach, where couples, young and old, would be lying naked or in a state of close to, entangled in passion under a large pale moon.

If you could see, but all that you are aware of is the motion of your feet, and the gentle roar of the island breezes that are caressing your skin and loose fitting dress. We came from the beach where you were washed upon the other night. I allowed you to drink only enough to warm your skin and lull your senses with a gentle buzz. The earth beneath your feet, however, stays steady as I lead you by the arm to our thatched bungalow.

I ease you into the doorway, and you can smell the incense burning. The room is warm and cozy, with a gulf breeze blowing from your left. The room is quiet, except for the hushed whispers from the outside world, creeping in, invading your senses, pronouncing themselves upon your inner ear with the ease of a child that is merry with all, and knows no guile. I lead you in a bit, then you feel a soft down lay up against your exposed shins; the edge of our large bed.

Grasping your shoulders lightly, I sit you down, and run my hands down the length of your arms, sending chills down your spine. You start to speak, to ask a thousand questions, but I only whisper "ssshhhhh", and let it go at that. You feel my fingers upon the buttons of your garment, and one by one the plastic caps let loose, sagging with the weight of the fabric, slowly revealing more and more skin. The buttons lead to your seated crotch, and there I cease the procedure. Running the palms of my hands up your stomach to your naked chest, I slip them around your shoulders, and let your flesh free. Kneeling, I remove the dress from your body, leaving you in silken panties, already growing damp in a small irregular circle.

My hand comes upon your chest, the other behind your head, and I lay you back, until the soft cotton of the sheets slide upon your skin. Raising your hands slowly above you, I position them to either side of your head, and begin to tie them to the posts. The left, then the right, hushing any protests or murmurs with a soft kiss from my lips. I move down your body to your legs, and when I get to your thighs, I begin to trek kisses downwards, to your feet. Sucking on a toe, I pull your soft flesh into my mouth, then, upon removing the digit from my warm enclave, spread your legs apart and again tie them to the posts. You are now spread eagled, tied, nude except for a pair of wetting panties.

You hear me rise, and shuffle across the room. You hear voices, muffled, and the soft fall of many padded feet. How many, you do not know, but the room suddenly feels more occupied, as if many hot blooded bodies have entered and charged the air. Without warning a pair of moist lips close around the bridge of your foot, and another finds the opposite calve. Two mouths move in unison, licking and groping your naked flesh, suckling your legs. A third mouth finds your belly, and a fourth rests just under your right breast. Instantly, that nipple springs erect, as the mouth occupying it clamps down over the blood quickened nub, and sucks lightly. Four hungry mouths, five - another set of moist lips close over your orphaned nipple, suckling you. Behind your head, you feel a body come to rest, and your head is raised by a pair of gentle hands, hands you recognize as mine, along with the scent of my cologne that is unmistakably me. I lay your head on my lap, your eyes still blindfolded, and caress your temples and neck, while five other hungry mouths probe your body.

The two mouths on your legs move to a foot, and each begins to suck on a toe. Slowly and deliberately, each takes a digit into a moist, hot salivating cave and rolls a padded tongue around their structure. The lips hovering around your belly begins to trace a path around the elastic seam of your panties. The hard point of the tongue runs a warm trail, just barely slipping under the elastic, around your pelvis. The suckling on your nipples becomes more pronounced, and you moan gently and pronouncedly.

I continue to massage your head, and bend down to plant my tongue onto your lips, tracing them before entering your mouth and rolling around inside. Soft hands grasp at your panties, and they slide from your lithe body. Again, the sucking and tonguing begins: toes, navel, nipples. The soft cartilage of a nose parts your pussy lips, and a darting tongue flashes across your slit. You moan and gasp, thrusting your hips upwards. You are answered by the lips locking around your mound, and your pussy gets a warm, wet French kiss. Your toes are being devoured, and the sensation is racing up your legs. Your nipples are as hard as they have ever been, and your impassioned moans and groans drift out from the cabin and caress the lovers on the beach.

All over you a sensuous tongue bath lifts you from the temporal realm of the earth, elevating you to a sexual peak that only supreme eroticism can approach. Sucking and licking: the tongue suckling your pussy pulls on your outer lips before diving deep into your tunnel. Sucking and licking: the mouths on your nipples pull on them with teeth, then pop them into their hungry orifices. All the while my sensual finger tips caress your head and shoulders, a wet finger tip traces your lips as you moan.

You can feel your orgasm approaching, thanks to the expert cunilingus that is happening, as well as the exquisite nipple tug of war and the toe sucking. Your thighs begin to shake violently, as the power swells in your body. Sensing your approaching climax, the mouths work earnestly, devouring you more. Hungrily they suck and probe and roll and lick. You buck, and scream loudly as the first crest of your orgasm rips through your belly and races along your spine and legs, shooting out like lightning from your sucked-upon toes. The mouth on your pussy clamps down, and sucks you hard, riding your earnest bucking.

As the crest swells and recedes, the mouths extricate themselves, leaving cooling wet places. The ropes binding you are loosened, and you are propped up. You feel a bulging cock at your side, digging into your naked thigh. Another pokes up against you on your other side, and you hear someone lay down on the bed. Strong hands lift you upwards, you feel a hairy thigh beneath you, then you are lowered. You feel the tip of a large cock head press up against your flowing hole, and you slide down on it easily and sensuously. As you ride the thick shaft, someone positions themselves behind you, and firm hands lay down upon your ass cheeks. When you lift up from fucking the cock beneath you, hands stop you in mid stroke, and the tip of another penis rests against your ass. You whimper, and shake a bit, but the surge is powerful, and the need great. Slowly, easefully, the tip pushes its way into your rectum, plowing you like a ripe field.

You groan loudly as you are double penetrated, and you hear your groan echoed in the room by others. You can hear the sounds of fellatio and the slight whimpering of other females. You know that you are being watched. You know that what you are doing is exciting others. You know that in the dark, out there, eyes ravage your naked and twisted body, watch as two thick cocks plug away at you. Watching you fuck, and fucking themselves. You know that you are bringing pleasure and giving, and the knowledge is powerful as it surges through you.

You face forward, resuming the double fuck. You are treated like an erotic see-saw. One cock enters your pussy, the other all but exits your ass, then in a savage stroke, they reverse. One plunges deep into your ass, the other creeps out of your pussy. You are getting fucked hard and good. You moan, then feel a swollen penis at your lips. A familiar member. Mine. Now, every opening in your body is filled, cocks ravaging you just as did tongues a few moments earlier.

You suck greedily at my pole while the two cocks pummel your nether regions. In and out, they drive you to the brink, and send electric waves of pleasure ripping through you. Someone in the crowd grunts, and you hear a hungry mouth milk a cock dry. Another woman squeals, as she explodes into an earth shattering orgasm. The men fucking you are getting close, too. You can tell, can tell by their quickened action, their increased pace. You are being violated in every conceivable fashion. You naked ass pointing right at an invisible crowd, your pussy exposed to them, your ass stuffed, your mouth fucked. It is wicked, and delicious.

The ass penis man grunts, and then quickly jerks out of you. You hear him moan, and hot splashes of thick cum crash against the naked flesh of your curved back. Just as he is finishing, he re-deposits his swollen member into your ass, so you can milk him dry. Then, the shaft in your pussy lets loose, and you feel his creamy cocktail filling you. He moans and pounds hard as you squeeze the cum from his throbbing dick with your walls. You are close yourself. You want to be filled, to be stuffed with these cocks when you cum. I am close, as well.

The throbbing shaft pump hard so you may cum, and you can feel it coming close. I am about to shoot off myself, and we approach orgasm together. Harder and faster, you suck me deep and furious, you scream for them to fuck your ass, to fuck your pussy, to shove their hot cocks deep into you and slam you hard. I groan. You squeal. You start to cum just as I erupt deep into your mouth. While the waves of your orgasm grasp you, my thick cum goes down your throat, and you suck me greedily and frantically. We are cumming together, and your pussy clamps down as your mouth does. We moan together, then the wave passes, and the sweet kiss of night pecks at our skin.

You can hear the voices rising, and the people leaving the room. The cocks have left you; messy and sticky. My juice dribbles down your chin. When all the voices are gone, I remove your blindfold. You never know who was there, how many saw you get fucked and cum. Never know how many people climaxed thanks to you and the show. We cuddle close, as I clean you with a warm cloth, then we lay together in the night breeze, and fall asleep in the warm rapture that overtakes us.

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FunandFrisky79 41M/37F

6/22/2005 5:47 pm

Hey, inthefe! I'll say it again- this story gets me soooo hot! Everytime I read it, I feel like I am there! When are you going to make it into a movie? When you do, you know where to find me! Like I told you before, I'd be more than happy to volunteer (or at least, try-out) for the starring role!... anything I can do to help you out with the movie. lol


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