Saint Peter don'tcha call me cause I can't go...  

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1/4/2006 1:18 pm

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Saint Peter don'tcha call me cause I can't go...

One tragic day a bus load of Catholic school girls get blind
sided, instantly killing all inside. Being, more or less,
good Catholic girls they find themselves in line at the
Pearly Gates before Saint Peter.
"Before I let you into Heaven my angels, I have but
one question for you. Answer honestly and you may pass into
the Kingdom of Heaven!"
The first in line, Anne Margaret, shyly steps up to Saint
"Child, the question I have is have you ever touched
a penis?"
"Well, Saint Peter, honestly there was this one time
that I sort of brushed by one with just my little pinkie.
I never held it or anything!" she gushed.
"Place you pinkie in this bowl of Holy Water, say two
Hail Mary's and you can pass my child."
Anne Margaret did so and the line moved forward, positioning
the next girl at the front.
"Same question to you my dear - have you ever touched
a penis?"
The next girl in line, blushing, admits that yes, she did
once briefly hold one in her hand. Saint Peter admonishes
her, tells her to place her whole hand into the water, say
five Hail Marys and she too may pass. About this time there
is a commotion from the middle of the line, and Mary Margaret,
knocking other girls out of the way, comes barelling to
the front of the line.
"My child, what is all this commotion?" Saint
Peter implores.
"Well I'll tell ya Saint Petey. If I'm gonna
have to gargle this water here, I want to do it before Theresa
there stickes her ass in it!"

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1/4/2006 7:17 pm

Just about any Catholic-school-girl joke will make me laugh my ass off... and yes, what they say about us is true!

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