Ravaging You - Part 1  

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3/17/2006 2:12 pm

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Ravaging You - Part 1

I slide my hands down your sides, the soft cotton of your shirt soft and warm from your skin. Your nipples are perk beneath, stretching the fabric at their rounded points and swollen with your breasts as you are bent over, me behind you, your arms out splayed in front of you and your body risen to me. Your hair falls about your face and you turn your head sideways, letting it fall to one side, exposing your neck and jaw to my ravenous eyes. As I continue to slowly move my hands down your sides, inching ever so smoothly downward, I roll my face down to the exposed flesh of your neck. I hover my mouth, moist lips parted ever so slightly, above the silky contours of your neck, and breathe out slowly and warmly against your skin. I watch as goose bumps pucker your flesh, shivering slightly from the warm, moist air.

I move my mouth about an area of your dimpled flesh now, still hovering mere centimeters above ‒ you can almost feel the smooth rake of my lips against you. My breath leaves moistness behind that quickly cools in the air, in turn causing your flesh to dimple up more and shiver slightly more. Your breathing is growing more rapid and deeper, and your chest heaves a bit more with each intake of air. My hands have found your delicious waist, and have turned inward, caressing the plane of your shirt clad stomach. Slowly I bring them towards the middle, fluidly caressing over your navel, until my fingertips meet. I now have you wrapped in my arms. You can feel the taut muscles of my upper arms clinching you, but ever so softly. As I move my hands about your body you can feel the muscles slowly ripple and relax, further caressing you. My hands begin to travel upwards now, from your navel, slightly apart and with the palms down onto your stomach.

I begin to lap at your neck, the spot pulled tightest from your head bent position ‒ just above the collarbone. I roll the tip of my tongue ‒ it is so soft, warm and wet ‒ around a small circle of your flesh there. Lazily I roll it, pooling warm saliva onto your skin. After a few circuits of pleasure, which race down your neck, into your breasts, and continue down a fiery line to your now damp and rowing wetter mound, I lower my lips. I enclose a soft patch of your neck into my hungry mouth, and suckle your skin. You mewl with pleasure. As I suckle your skin, alternating sucking your skin into my mouth and rolling my tongue along its wet surface, my hands have slid up your heaving belly and found your rigid nipples.

I roll the palms of my hands across your firm tips, pressing against them slightly as I roll them over you. This causes your nipples to roll under the fabric of the cotton, so that you receive a double pleasure; that of the form motion of my palms pressing against them and the sensation of them sliding beneath the soft cotton. If possible they grow firmer still, and a pleasurable ache settles into the pit of your stomach and spreads fingers of electric energy down to your awakening clit. My fingertips find your swollen nipples, and rub them through the fabric, my lips kissing up your neck to behind your ear. I lick and suckle the soft flesh behind your ear, by your lobe, before taking it into my mouth and swirling it around. As I dart the tip of my hot wet tongue into your ear canal ‒ just softly touching the sides ‒ I tweak your nipples a bit former, pinching them between my thumbs and pointer fingers. You moan loudly. Your body is begging for more attention, and I am a slave to your desire.

I roll you around, sitting you upright on the down of the bed. Your hair spills about your face, covering your shining eyes and flushing cheeks. Are you embarrassed? No, it is the flush of heat and passion, of lust and longing swelling your blood vessels all over, aching deep inside you with a cry for release. I brush the hair from your face, as I want to stare into the depths of your eyes as I proceed. I want to se the flames of passion being satiated; see the pleasure slide across your soul as I feed the fires growing in your now very wet womanhood. I raise your arms above your head, your eyes begging me for more. I slowly lift the shirt from your heaving chest. Your nipples tug along the fabric; they are so swollen with lust that they drag along its cottony surface, further exciting you. When I have the shirt almost free from their rigid embrace I slow, causing the sensation to linger and prolong with exquisite ecstasy. Slowly I continue to tug upwards on the shirt, and your nipples spring free, the bottom of the shirt now above your head and covering your face, blocking your sight. I pull the ends my hands have together, encasing you in its velvety softness, and then grasp the knot I form above your head with one hand, effectively binding you on the bed. Your arms are above your head, locked together in my powerful grip, your eyes closed to the world from the fabric of the shirt. I have a free hand, and plan to use it so masterfully on you.

Reaching down with my free hand I trace a fingertip along your neck, down to the hollow between your now having breasts. I splay my fingers apart, making a large five in finger count, and run all tips across your breast, rolling the skin of my finger pads across you. I leave the nipple alone, not touching it but rather the sides and underneath of your delicious tit. I dip my head, continuing to hold your arms above you, and lap at the exposed nipple. It jerks in response, an involuntary twitch that sends electric heat straight down your middle. I take its red rubbery mound into my mouth and suckle. My tongue curls, leaving a valley on its surface that quickly fills with my slippery saliva. I roll this undulating soft tongue, so soft warm and wet, across your breast, slapping its form then soft surface against your nipple. You moan loudly. I leave a wet pool of my mouth juice on your nipple to cool in the air, as I return to taking your shirt off.

I release the hold above you, and bring my hands back to the base of your upraised arms. I trace my fingertips under the fabric to touch the inner surface of your arms and resume pulling the shirt upwards. As it travels my fingertips are grazing along the sensitive inner side of the flesh of your arms, and you shake with desire. I reach my head inwards and lick at the mid point of your tricep. It is wickedly sensitive there, and again you growl with pleasure. I take a wide swath of that jumpy skin into my mouth and suckle hard, almost leaving a hickey in my wake. Finally, I free your torso of its cotton prison. Your chest heaves in the air, the skin racing with goose bumps and shivering in anticipation. Your nipples are so erect, your neck slightly damp with perspiration. I see that I now must remove your pants. Time to bend down, and work the fly with my mouth.

Up inthe sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's inthefe

ella1966 50F
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3/18/2006 4:23 am

Bloody hell do you do this to your wife??? I am gonna savour this for later just in case I can't sleep tonite!!

ella X

inthefe replies on 3/18/2006 10:39 am:
Many times it does follow this ella It's just in my blood - I love passionate sex. Sometimes its slow and easy, sometimes wild and "dirty". But there is something about the female body I just can't get enough of. sooo gooood.....

FunandFrisky79 41M/36F

3/17/2006 10:15 pm

Jez~ Does that make ME the naughty sis?? I guess I need to be punished now!!! *WEG* Mmmmm... sorry, my mind started to wander!

Despite the fact that I'd love to keep this one all to myself , I haven't been hiding him! After all, I did put him on my "watched blogs" post, didn't I?! He's just been MIA for a bit. But, he's back now... and as fiesty as ever!!! YUM!!!

Sorry, inthefe... didn't mean to commandere your blog! I hope you don't mind!


inthefe replies on 3/18/2006 10:35 am:
lol, why is it all I can hear in my head is the lyrics from Eminem - "Guess who's back/Back again". It's been too long since I wrote some erotica, and it's feeling pretty good I need to pen Part 3 today I think...

Frisky, you commandeer all you like baby. And yes, spme spanking is definietly in order!

FunandFrisky79 41M/36F

3/17/2006 3:54 pm

Red hot, baby!!! (As usual!) I've missed you and your erotica, inthefe! I'm sooo glad you're back! Blogville wasn't the same without you!

Btw, I'm so flattered you wrote this story about me! lol I mean, I was the inspiration, right?

You should stop over @ my blog sometime! Things are really heating up over there! I can't wait for you to cum! *WEG*

Kisses & Licks, sexxxy!
Ms Frisky


inthefe replies on 3/18/2006 2:06 pm:
Every deep, lustful desire I have is about you Frisky! I sooo bad want to taste you, you have no idea. I can lamost feel your smooth skin against my tongue... mmmmmm

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