Brother, can you spare a score...  

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1/3/2006 7:49 am

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Brother, can you spare a score...

YESSS!!!!! I have a “score” again in the Magazine area ‒ last time I checked it was just above ‘4’ ‒ RIGHT-CHUS BRUTHA!!!

I don’t get it. Apparently if you don’t slave away answering the eternal “do women like big dicks” question every day, you don’t keep a score; see it seems that after a week or so all your previous responses go away and you are ‘scored’ on only the current week’s ratings on your pontifications. The only way to, pardon the pun, ‘score’ is to answer questions everyday it seems. Fuggit, who cares about a ‘score’ anyway??

Does leave me to wonder as to the time available to those that have a score of 300, 400, 500+. I checked out their response patterns one day by clicking their score, then seeing how many responses they post in a day. I stopped counting at over 50. Crap, I got things to do all day other than respond to the three dogmatic questions: those related to dick size, those related to anal sex, and those related to “how do I score on this site mannnn?!?”. Apparently to ‘score’ all you need is to sit in front of your computer and spend countless hours, every day, answering questions that typically have answers found on the bathroom walls of any good ol’ American dirty truck stop.

My hat is off to those e-warriors that take the time to answer about a gagillion questions a day, everyday, and keep a ‘score’. Then again, I was having sex when most of them were writing! Maybe I wound up with the better ‘score’ after all

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