First Real Relationship - Sexual Fireworks!  

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8/28/2005 5:39 pm

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4/20/2006 7:04 am

First Real Relationship - Sexual Fireworks!

I sincerely thought i could fall in love with this girl - if all things had fell into place I may have - but I believe God made sure I didn't (Thank you God!).

She was 5'5, 34C breasts and a salma hayek ass with a similiar smile. I just always went to for brunettes and i never understood why.

I remember one vivid fall afternoon. We were sitting in my car at a park watching the leaves fall from tree branches and i just felt so at ease, the moment was magical. I felt each second accompanied a fallen leaf for a ride into the sunset. It was surreal and i let my thoughts parachute along as well...

My then girlfriend never took her eyes off me, to my surprise. When i glanced over at her, it was the look of mischief, she wanted more then just the scenery and my instinct was clearly right!

It's as if she planned that day. Wore a beautiful rosed dress with a tube top and no underwear. I on the otherhand didn't even bring condoms - I sincerely was innocent thinking we'll just hang out.

I remember her eyes darting deep thoughts of desire into mine, forging an alliance for sexual upheaval. She ran her hand down to my stomach and ran her hands all around my six pack feeling each muscle which im sure gave her the urge to kiss me the way she did. She devoured my lower lip sucking on it furiously and slidnig her tongue into my mouth searching for sexual revelations that screamed naughtyyyyyyyyyy....

She made me sit still and forcibly tried to take control (i found it to be comical but played along). She unzipped my pants and took them off along with my shoes, then she swung the driver's side door open and made me stand up half naked in 60 degree weather. She ran buck wild on my penis, sucking it deep throat style then reaching for my balls to suck on them as well. She was a freak of nature in a rosey dress full of naughty desires....

She got me so worked up sucking my dick, that i skipped my turn for foreplay and lifted her up and sat her on the hood engine of my car and slid my dick inside her semi wet pussy...She moaned and screamed this exburiating shy of sexual relief which made me fuck her harder. She arched her back as i pulled her hair back and started to go deeper and deeper inside her. She straddled her legs around me and started to bite her lower lip as the speed of me pounding her increased twofold.

Her sexual appetite increased and she asked me to lie bare down on the ground and she started to ride my dick like she was a rodeo queen about to win a prize. She cared not for her scrapped knees from her deep riding, she cared to ride me harder and harder back and forth. I finally pulled her gently off me and shot my load all over her face.

She thought it was all said and done, but not for me. Just as she got up i took her semi - forcibly to the back bassenger door and spread her legs while kissing her ear and slide my dick into her pussy again. She moaned with the greatest of delight as i started to smack her ass while popping my dick into her with more verosity. She asked for it so she got it. A ton of sexual fireworks straight deep fast and hard in her pussy....

By the end of it all, we fucked for 3 hours straight and i cummed 5 different times before finally calling sexual quits for the day...

Stay tuned - wait until you hear the next stories to come...

cqld2 45M
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8/28/2005 6:39 pm

When I as at Uni' I use to spend one night a week in their computer room to chat on the net. On one night, I printed up one of my erotic letters and passed it a beautiful woman using the computer. I asked her if she would proof read it for me.

I sat at my computer watching her read my story. At first she read fast then slowed down. I was waiting to see her response. Then she walked over and put the story down in front of me. I asked her what she thought about it and she did not answer. Instead, she moved under the table and pulled my pants down. I lowered my seat for room.

Talking in the chatrooms was getting difficult as she sucked me with great passion. Her tongue ran over my length between her sucking me. The tightness of her mouth made me hard. This kept on until I blew in her mouth. She got up. I told her I want to feast on her but she just gave me her phone number. The sad thing, was that I lost the paper with her number on the way home. Grrrrrr

rm_peaks5 49F
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8/28/2005 10:52 pm

that is fucking exciting...

sexyeyes375 47F

8/29/2005 12:19 am

..tantalizing ...

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