Happy St.Patty's Day one and all  

interestedINsexy 46M
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3/17/2005 11:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Happy St.Patty's Day one and all

I never thought it would happen...I had a suck-ass sexual experience. (and not in a good way. LOL!)

Well, I went on my first A-A-F date/hookup last night. What can I say? It wasn't all I hoped it would be. She had a nice enough personality. And red hair. I looooove red hair.

I just wasn't to impressed with the whole experience. First off, she declares. "I don"t get off during penetration." (That should have been the tip-off) She had "fun". Twice. Thanks to my oral efforts. The whole time just laying there on her back movement free. But when it came to reciprocating the oral event. She pretty much turned to a lifeless lump with my cock in her mouth. I have never experienced a more energy-free, motionless, effort-squelching blow-job in my life. Nor, have I ever heard of one. Now, I could have just f#cked her face until I got off. But that ain't really my style. Truthfully, I was a bit bummed.


So I ask you this question, my dear reading public:
As a guy, or gal for that matter, when posed with the comment, "Guys only f#ck me once, then they don't want it anymore."...
Should you actually tell the person that they are a lousy lay?

Not to be mean or anything, but for the sheer purpose of informing them as to why they don't have a steady f-buddy.

For the record, boys...Apparently anything in a profile other than: Slim, Petite, and Athletic translates to FAT. FAT! FAT! FAT!With the possible exception of "Average" which is a bit of a gamble.

I don't want to go off on a tangent, but, and i say this knowing full well that there are about 2% of the guys out there that dig it, BBW is farce. There is no such thing. To any of the "Chubby-chasers" out there...I DON"T GET IT. To me that equates to serious denial.
Its like saying "I'm not Fat, I'm big-boned". Dinosaurs are big-boned. You BBW...are just F.A.T.

But I'll save this for a day when I don't feel let down by a sexual experience.


Merry49 61F

3/17/2005 6:43 pm

I might not be following this along correctly, but I take it you're saying this date of yours turned out to be what you termed as fat? Right?

OK, assuming I've got that correct, if you found her fat and that repulsed you so, why the heck did you sleep with her??

If you were that desparate, then heck, seems like you need to take your consequences, cut your loses and move on. At least you know at this point your next experience couldn't be any worse!! (God, I hope not!) I've had a couple real let-downs myself similar to yours here at A.F.F., so I know what you're feeling. (However, I'm not so sure you haven't turned off a potential partner or two (no, I don't mean me - lol) by your name calling.)

Just hang in there and try to learn from your experience. I waded through a lot of garbage before I found my current friends and ultimately it was worth it. It takes some work and diligence, and wouldn't hurt to through in a little respect along the way.

Good luck to you,


ScooterpieJane 61F

3/20/2005 10:41 pm

yeah I've told dudes they were a lousey lay and years later they've thanked me for the insight...but they don't take to it too well when you tell 'em...

so I think women should be more openminded...for most of us, sex is only 1/2 about pleasing ourselves, we want our partner to be happy too. I think we should all share more before, during , and after sex...and this world...well at least the bedroom, would be a better place. Now of course, I get shit from my friends when I blog about a bum fuck, but hey...that's why god made pussies and dicks like snowflakes...no two are exactly alike.

All the best to you and keep bloggin' with that honesty and curiosity, I try to do that too!

smooth_and_wet 50M/39F

3/22/2005 5:16 pm

Just to let you know...big girls need loving too. All women need loving, of course, but if you knew that the date was going down hill then why did you go in "for the kill". You lived and learned, right?
Hang in there....there are still more potentially available women out there that will satisfy your appettite.
Like the saying goes: Good things cum to those who wait.

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