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8/2/2005 3:35 pm

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Light of the sky, boarderless,
the starry night, deep clouds,
tracing forms.

In the heavens two blue suns
and two red moons, worshipping today,
all becoming breeze,

she is there again.

Copyright 2005 by interested13563

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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8/3/2005 5:04 am

beautiful poem and beautiful photograph --- i love lightening!

[blog freelove999]

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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8/3/2005 9:58 am

Thank you for sharing

interested13563 53M
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8/3/2005 5:19 pm

waggy: thanks for the (very appropriate) response!
freelove and goddess: thanks for visiting!

interested13563 53M
2557 posts
8/4/2005 10:27 pm

AsianLady: Thanks for your comments! This poem is intentionally
terse and illusive. A fleeting image not to be entirely captured.

Priapeo 46M

8/23/2005 2:39 am

I especially love the line all becoming breeze, that goes along with the summarizing focusing shift of she is there again: it's a kind of sensitivity that I often found in japanese haiku poets. Have you ever read some of that poetry?

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