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In the deep silence of the night
I could hear the secret theater company
slowly approaching,
led by a medieval jester,
dancing to the marching tune
of a drum and a flute.
Actors in grotesque masks followed
playing pantomimes and comical skits.
The sound of music and the whispers
gradually became louder to my ears.
But the town around me would not hear,
fast asleep, their fleeting dreams
bathed in cold moonlight.
I felt the invisible force of the parade,
not ready - no, I was not ready for this,
so unprepared for years.
I faked a condescending smile to conceal
the sickening pain in my stomach,
my knees buckling with terror.
Then quietly my feet dragged me
to join the theater -
impossible to resist, futile.
My head down, my arms crossed over my chest,
my shoulders bent, I followed.
Walking slowly, automatically
to the rhythm of the drum and the flute,
among the mimicking actors,
who danced seemingly unaware of my presence
yet entrapping me in their serpent circles.
No ceremony, no trumpets, no fireworks
marking my final departure.
Heavy, triste, numb
I bid farewell to the town
whose every corner shared
the ruins of my life,
whose cold moon befriended my solitude,
the town I could not embrace,
the town I had not dared to leave.
No eyelids stirred, no ears comprehended
as I walked with the secret theater
slowly into the thicket of the night.

Copyright 2005 by interested13563

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