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Drama in one act

The following drama in one act first appeared in the magazine "Play-Sire",
published in Yorkshire, England in 1594. The author is unknown.

Dramatis personae:
Antiphalus, Duke of Ephesus
Pussilia, wife to Antiphalus


A hall in the Duke's Palace with a prominent couch.
Enter Antiphalus and Pussilia.

Antiphalus is pacing angrily in front of the couch.
Pussilia, worried, is following him with her eyes.

Pus. (inquisitive): Pray, my Lord, state what unsettling breeze hath wrought
the tempest on thy face!

Ant. (exploding): Lady, may the curse of the eternal Hell come upon thee! I
have seen thee with thy lover! Be cast into damnation!

Pus. (penitent): Good my Lord, by God let nothing thee dismay for my
falsehood hath not profane'd thy noble name.

Ant. (fiercely): Take thee to a nunnery! Ye hast skrew'd hither and thither.
The lover of yore licketh thy pussy and fucketh and cometh inside thee!
Thou stinkest! Thou dost my honour shame!

Pus. (on her knees): My humble penances be laid upon thy feet, my Lord,
for thy rage doth my virtue wrong. Thou yield no kind word to thy faithful
servant. Only ye hast fuck'd my cunt; I have render'd my ass to no oth'r man!

Ant. (panting with rage): Fuck thyself, thou bitch! Ye hadst the duty to
obey thy Master and, now, obey thou shalt! Confess!

Pus. (repenting): Beseech you, my Lord! Spare thy mercy onto thy wife for
she hath sin'd towards thee and hath been laid and hath suck'd the dick
of many a lover! Pray, procure her woes!

Ant. (devastated): Alas, my Father who art in Heaven! Thy slave hath been
disgraced by the very woman he lawfully wedded her boobs and bottom for
to have. Spare him, Thy All-mighty Holiness, and lead him not into
Purgatory and disdain, thus, not.

Pus. (cunningly): Good my Lord, such deeds of wrath thou mayst righteously
conceive as it fears me to ascertain. If, hence, thou be forgiving I shall
spread my legs wide for thee and bear thy cock deep in my snatch for
ev'r and ev'r and abide by thy commands.

Ant. (appeased): Take heed, woman! Ye wilt be darraign'd thou luscious
callat! The hard of thy Master shall fret thy libidinous pudenda open!
Be bent ov'r!

Pus. (bending ov'r and moaning): Oh, I crave thy love-stick, my Lord.
Thy dire lust hath blunt it more than marble hard!

Ant. (triumphant, approaching Pussilia): A nobleman's statute is aft
the butt he stuffs and shimmers with his shaft!



This is a story initially written
some time ago as a parody of the
traditional sexual roles adopted
by men and women and the misconceived
idea of jealousy. It is only for
laughs. This blog will be inactive
for the next ten days due to traveling.
May you all have a wonderful new year!


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thanks for the laugh! quite life-like an real methinks

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