sex in front of my friends  

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1/5/2006 8:35 pm

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sex in front of my friends

It was on a football weekend at the University. I was in my 3rd year in the architecture program and lived in an apartment by myself. My two friends from previous years in college who had both dropped out (bad grades!... lol) came to visit me and they picked up my girlfriend on the way. After the football game on Saturday, we all got in a car and drove 1 hour to a campground and set up a fire and roasted marshmellows and hot dogs and hung out joking around. I had brought a guitar and played some for our amusement. We all had sleeping bags and we laid them around the fire under the beautiful star filled clear night sky to go to sleep around 1am or so when we were all tired and fresh out of jokes.

My girlfriend and I took our sleeping bags and spread one out on the bottom, and the other on top so we could lay together. We were being very sneaky under the blanket, even though there was not much light from the fire.... and I put my hand under her shirt and lifted it up... and then I lifted her bra up and leaned under the blanket so I could take her nipple in my mouth. I was very turned on, and I sucked on her for probably 15 minutes which thoroughly aroused her because they are very sensitive to her.... then, carefully to be still and not noticed by my two friends who were just a few feet away on either side of the fire. She reached down into my shorts and took ahold of my very hard member and stroked on it slowly and discreetly. And then, much to my shock, she slipped under the covers and took me in her mouth. My eyes were bulging out of their sockets and my face was flaming hot at the pleasure of her warm mouth sucking on me like that. I looked with anticipation at each of my supposedly sleeping friends at each interval when her head would go up and then come down moving the blanket with it. If either had opened their eyes and looked our way, they would instantly know what she was doing because it could not have been more obvious unless she had taken the blanket down off her head. My face was getting extremely hot and I was getting so close to exploding that I was dizzy. I couldn't help but moan in pleasure... or grunt or some sort of noise... I tried hard to be quiet but it was too overwhelming. Each time I made an uncontrollable noise, I looked in dismay at my friends to see if they heard and looked, but each time they remained still. And then, her sucking became louder and faster... she was determined! There was no disguising it, or being secret, or stopping at that point because it became so intense I couldn't stay quiet or concerned in any way with the outside world.... and then I started to cum..... I shot my juice into her mouth with so much force it stopped her motion for half a second before she continued again slowly this time.... and then she stopped and just let me continue to cum in her mouth. I jerked and groaned uncontrollably and in the back of my mind that portion of my brain which was still holding on to sanity just KNEW that they must have heard and would have looked but neither moved. The rest of my brain and body was so caught up in the moment that it didn't care. When she had finished swallowing every drop of my juice and sucked on me a little more, my heart still beating incredibly fast, my eyes rolled back in my head and I felt utterly paralyzed with pleasure.... she slipped back up next to me and snuggled into my arms. I was so sleepy and so incredibly relaxed... BUT I COULDN'T SLEEP! It was so intense of an experience that I lay there for the longest time reliving it in my mind and shaking from aftershocks occasionally. I think I stayed hard the entire time! In fact.... I am hard again now remembering and writing about it, lol.

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