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7/30/2006 10:40 pm

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One of my lines I would the kids your going to give me a stroke.Bad paraphaze I really had one six months ago ,As of friday no more drugs and feel better than in years.Had high blood pressure ,sugar and high closerestrol, and mild depression from the lost of my father how died from colon and liver cancer at the young age of 59 and just by a month.buried on my sisters b-day eight years ago.God I miss him.
Everything leading up to the stroke was simple ingored the signs I was in troble,headace for no reason wake up in the morning with them,overweight(never notice until I seen a picture from eight month earlier wow what a fat man) Drinking soda all day everyday drinking at the pub on weekends, working lots of hours with little to none sleep,eating fast food.
when wilma blew threw naples i had windows to fix plywood to remove and shutters,clean out refrigrators from spoiled food.then to top all this off a young family water heater started leaking no hot water so I am working 10:30 at night finishing the water heater ready to go home.Leave to go home which is about 1/2 to 1 mile away by the way of road 1/4 mile the way the crow flys.I passed out hit a tree in the median totalled the car cause it tore the underside up.thats the lucky part if I went to the left I may have drowned because of the canal.anyhow in the hospital they did blood work xrays they found all those problems I talked about earlier.They thought I was going to have a heart attack.They told me if I didn't change and fast I would not see my next b-day that only two months away.what a wake up call. I lost 65 pounds exercise everyday eat better still need to lose another twenty pounds but it takes time.
the lesson I learned is friends are very important along with make live a little easier but not as important anymore.I don't need the material things like before.Don't get me wrong I love my benz
I have three beautiful daughters who where there all the time,also you find who your closest friends are.And finlly the best part no more meds.It was like I was given second life everyday..RUDE PEOPLE KISS MY ASS I AM BETTER THAN YOU

redrobin012057 59F

7/30/2006 11:57 pm

AAhhh bless you,somebody is watching over you.I had my stoke 11 yrs ago through a car accident,although I am fully recovered,(not 100%,I still have the use of one arm and hand and I walk with a slight limp)

And I do know the feeling that you have.. a second chance at life.Wonderful feeling isn't it?

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