just thinking about my life  

intensejake44 55M
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7/20/2006 11:38 pm
just thinking about my life

i was thinking about my life today trying to get some organizing papers and came across some old pictures.being very athletic,getting married at 21 divorced at 26 being overweight to raising my three daughters by myself.losing weight and putting it back on because my life was centered around my girls.now that there grown up it time for me to make some new friends and get back in the prime of my life.already had my midlife crises.so i don't have that hanging over my head.i have been working out every day ,my goal is to be the lean mean machine that i was back a few years back.i want to meet some good friends that will listen if you have questions that need a different veiw. not hard up for friends just want more.most of my good friends are in michigan where i moved from. i orinally retired from plumbing but, like everybady said you will get bored.so now i have a handyman business that i do very well with. i could work seven days a week twelve hours if i wanted. not going back that way that is what cost my marriage and serval girlfriends. i work about six hours a day maybe four days a week. i have plenty of time and money to do what i want. i do a lot of traveling mostly back to michiganto visit friends and family. it is just me and my youngest daughter here for seven months and the other five my mother lives here. do i get homesick? no my home is here. just don't have enough friends here. family i can visit and leave love them alot but not everyday.lost sixty five pound since last oct.after i had a stroke.that was my life changing momet.live or die as the doctor said. had sugar,high blood pressure, and high closeretrol,and as of this week i no longer have to take any meds.thats good for me. things are looking brighter every day.

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