johnnie a dull boy  

intensejake44 55M
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7/24/2006 10:16 pm
johnnie a dull boy

like said i would back to old bad habits.It is not the chasing of the finest kittycats,or trolling of tramps,it worst than too much!I figured if there is the right person out there for me , they would likely find a way to keep it under control. I know I have a problem with this part of my live.I am told I am handsome hard worker and can carry on a convestation with just about anybody,so whats wrong? The people I meet are either flakly or just plain users.why you ask? i would be the one who brought the stray dog home and ask if I could keep it,Of course mom said no. tThis continude into young adulthood when I would bring home better know as white trash,thinking I could make them different or better.i was married at 21 and divorced at 26 with three kids and a ex-wife that took me for nearly million she got the houses apartment buildings and some loose change and three cars and a boat. bitter you betmy fault partly yes ,i worked 16 hours a day seven days a week,she found a friend that pour the coals to her.mad you bet.was i ever unfaithful only if you call working to may hours then i was wrong.she never complained or least i never heard her say your working to much because she could buy just about anything she wanted. here is where karma comes into play i lost almost everything in my divorce but she lost everything and the kids from good old coke . rude awakening you bet.feel sorry for her no way do i still pick up strays no not no i work to much ,ya i do .will i ever meet that someone special who's hard to meet even on this site work al day hen check email ,fill out invoices eat dinner exercise and if i am lucky it might not be raining and i can ride my bike,then i supose to have time to meet that someone special. maybe i am just full of shit,what gives?where do you look? maybe i'm just to old fashioned. normally not shy can talk to just about anyone.looking to hard?to picky?it should be that hard when the ratio is 4:1 women to men. in the real world that means that i should have a pick of four womenanytime or place. or am i just plain nuts.maybe it is safer for me in the working not working for the money per is just a old i just scared to lose everything again? no not really if they want it they can have it,it not about money anymore it is about real friendship something money can never buy. you have to earn it, grow with it.loyality it seems to be long gone from common knowleght .money who have don't need it those who don't have it want it. I have personally been in both places and i can tell you with the exception of having money to pay bills it is very overrated.i am the happiest with exception of a beautiful person next to me in years.rasied my daughters myself and grew with them.

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