one giant step (backwards)  

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2/22/2006 9:44 am

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one giant step (backwards)

Hip Hip hooray! I got a new roof yesterday! No more rain on my head, cold windy drafts or bugs!!! At least indoors that is. Time to start painting and packing. I've had friends staying with me off and on. They all want me to stay, but understand why I have to leave. Every one here tries very hard not to complain, Hell half my friends lost everything, just a blank concrete slab left. No mementos of life to show they were here. Thats why I started this blog, My outlet for my emotions. I would rather my home come down AROUND me in an earthquake, than be picked up and moved away in a hurricane.At least in a earthquake, you know where to look for whats left. I've gone through 7 hurricanes in Hawaii, so Carolina, no Carolina and Mississippi. Katrina was my last. To the rest of the world, Never rely on fema or the government for help, They won't. Instead rely on yourself and be prepared!

8pm Bad news on the fema front. They are shutting down a "tent city" due finaces. They claim it's too costly to maintain and if they shut it down the people living there will be more likely to find other shelter. of the 80 people living there all are on fema's waiting list for a trailer, yet fema can't tell them when
a trailer will be availble. Only 12 miles away is a acre storage lot filled with fema trailers. The trailers have sat there for 5 months. I'm afraid to ask whats next. If anyone reading this said a prayer or has helped us in any way THANK YOU! we have survived due to YOUR compassion, it has beeen the people of our country that have been the real relief effort.

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