Nasty Asshat II- Revenge of the Fucktard  

insaneredhead 45F
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6/15/2006 9:30 pm
Nasty Asshat II- Revenge of the Fucktard

So picture this...I'm doing my thing as one would do on a Thursday night...laundry, tv and just your average fuckin around the house type stuff. I sit down at my trusty computer to find this "gem" of an email waiting for me from Mr. Asshat:

So you were , I thought so.

WTF??? Was this supposed to be funny? [sarcasm] Oh please stop! My sides are hurting, really! It's so funny! Really stop! You're killing me! ::wipes tears from eyes:: [/sarcasm] Now mind you...this is the same dude that claimed to have dabbled in stand up comedy? I bet he has them choking on his jizz at the local glory hole! Don't make them laugh too hard there Chuckles! She might not let you back in line for seconds if you keep up with those shananigans!! It's too hard to suck a strangers diseased dick and laugh at the same time I would assume. Maybe your Mom could let us know if it is a difficult task or not. Have her give us a call will ya? So this is what I responded with:

Do you tell the girls at the bar that they are lesbos cause they won't dance with you too? Yeah, I thought so. Good luck w/that stand up career. It looks as promising as your test results from the doctor.

Now granted, I'm not one of the elite that has "dabbled" in stand up so it might not be a homerun but I gave it the ole college try. I was going to put in a ::rim shot:: but I think this would have confused him and possibly had him believing that I would have sex with him after all. (He's not terribly bright as you can see.Shhhhhh!) Now fellow bloggers, I ask for your help....give me some zingers for when this asshat comes back to finish the trilogy. I also need titles for this third sequel that you know is coming from Asshat Entertainment. I know you guys can do it! Help a sista out here!!! I'm thinking that the next message may be something along the lines of an attempt at a molestation joke. I've got experience with morons but not molestation so I beg for your help!!!!!

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