Just average observations during my short time here......  

insaneredhead 45F
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6/6/2006 8:40 pm

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6/17/2006 3:30 pm

Just average observations during my short time here......

WTF? I signed up a couple months ago as a standard member and then left this joint alone for awhile. I came back a couple of weeks ago and started to look around. Hmmmmmm, interesting lot we have here. Curiousity got the better of me and I shelled out some cash for the silver dealy membership thing. Now I've been here maybe 3 weeks now and this is what I've found:

1) Either half the men here have been on here for years or they are horrible liars. Take your pick. You see a profile listed: 40 yr old man...ok. Open and in that short period of time...poof! On the inside, he has turned back the hands of time in his profile to state: 34 yr old man looking for a ......blahblahblah. So either you lie or you are lazy. Neither of which are attractive in case someone didn't tell you. Chicks lie about their age, not men.

2)There are a lot of closet gays here. Look, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Whatever floats your boat as they say. However, own your gayness or at least your bi-ness or your bicurious-ness. Chicks can tell when you put in "prefer not to say" in your sexual orientation section. It's a dead give away when you have a bunch of men in your network that are bi or gay. Same goes for the hard core closet dudes that say they are straight yet have more dick pictures in their friend network than I do!!! Just fuckin' say it, I'm gay (or bi or curious) and I'm proud. Own your sexuality. It will save everyone a lot of time. I tell ya, this is a gay man's paradise. You guys are so lucky!!!

3) Once we ladies see these inconsistancies in your profiles, this is what we start to do: we start reading your profiles on a curve. Kinda like in school when everyone bombed the test and the teacher had to do something cause flunking the entire class was not a possibility...remember. "I will grade the test on a curve." Now, some poor bastard that really studied for their "A" gets to share it with some tool that didn't even work for it. Case in point:

A- If you list your height as 5'8", then that really means you are 5'6". All men seem to "curve" their height.
B- If you list your weight as "athletic", you are really "a little extra padding". So as a general rule, if you list one catagory, we just know that you are the next catagory in line.
C-Being married or single. Pfft. I'm not even gonna bother to address this one......do I really need to explain why? I didn't think so ....
D-Some of these pics are just killing me. Guys!!! Pay attention!! We know that nude models do not hang out here!! Don't post someone else's dick and claim it as your own. When that poor chick that you fooled starts taking down your pants and realizes that you lied to her is when you will find out if size really matters or not. You will be laying on the floor cupping your balls when you find out but all the same, you will learn. Also, don't post a picture from 10 years ago and play it off as you. That is technically you but it's a different version that is long gone and no longer exists. Make a clean break and put your 10 yr old pic where it should be: in the past where your waist line and/or hair is residing.

Bottom line: the poor bastard that actually told the truth gets his profile "graded on a curve".

Now I know a lot of ya are gonna say, "Girls do it too!" Yes, I know this. However, men are allowed to age gracefully. They get "better with age." Women? We get screwed. You have to admit, women at least put a little effort into it. We wear makeup, wear clothes that flatter our once great shape and wear heels if we are too short. We don't ask you to imagine a 6' nubian queen in front of them when we know we are 5'1" white girl with a bad perm. We know how much we can get away with however, by the looks of some of these profiles, you guys think we are dumbasses. Give us a little credit for brains will ya???!!!! If you are going to lie, make it somewhat believable!! We do notice the effort!!!

out_for_a_ride 35M

6/6/2006 10:07 pm

lol..the post pic is awesome...but do you really need to grade on a curve??? i'ma say no because any male profile with a straight crotch shot should be evidence as to what takes priority in his decision making, if that's not the kind of thought process you want to find why then search the profile at that point? you're finding exactly what the pessimist expects to find, while on the contrary there are a lot of guys (from what i can tell as an avid blog commentor for a few peeps) with crotch shots that are at least artistically creative and would more than likely show the pessimist in you that there are far more "for real" guys telling the truth than you seem to come across...of course not to mention the tons of guys with face, full body pics, or even no pics as opposed to a close up of thier tool

insaneredhead replies on 6/7/2006 4:21 pm:
The ones that scream the most are often the guiltiest....tis true! Like the old saying, "Thee whom smelt it, delt it." ~^~Lighten up Francis! I would assume that a guy might post his cock pic in an effort to draw the women in if his face pic is not as "strong" so to speak. Put your best foot forward and all that shit. I can appreciate that. How come you don't have any pics listed? No "strong" shots? Lay off the doob when posting in my blog dude and don't take shit so personal. If you insist on posting, then I insist on you supplying me with one fat blunt of my own for each post that you make. It's only fair. BTW, why are cruising the male profiles?? Jesus, another closet fuckin' bi-guy!!!! OWN YOUR GAYNESS!!! OWN IT!!!!

maverick1255 51M
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6/6/2006 10:32 pm

Yea, the honest guys get the 'curve'. Not right.



sfvppl818 50M/50F

6/6/2006 11:23 pm

Blog in latin means lie!

out_for_a_ride 35M

6/7/2006 9:45 pm

shiiiit. checkin other profiles, especially guys, is only a misclick away when you're trying to access a blog...a duuuh...definitely never even contemplated coming close to thinking about bi-ness. and if you weren't so busy crackin jokes you'd be smokin an l with me right this very second. so shut up and come on over cause with this post there's two fatties waitin for ya

rm_newcaustin72 44M

6/16/2006 3:17 pm

Dam....She tells it like it is..

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