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10/10/2005 9:17 pm

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Ok I wanna know is there anyone out there besides my self that has an issue with getting to close to someone? I know there has to be someone! hehe
I recently did some searching today in my head that is lol I know I sound like a basket case but for as long as I can remember I will only let myself get so close to a person(whether friend, bf, or gf) before I start pushing them away and I basically sabotage the relationship because Im afraid of getting myself hurt. Which I end up hurting because those people never got to know me or understand what I was about. So therefore I hurt them and myself because I screwed up what was there.
But nowadays Im a little better I still do it with relationships but I have better friends who I have entrusted with my issue lol. They know that when I get to the point that I push them away, they give me my space and a few days later Im better! Or others tend to push my feelings out of me until I give in and forget I was pushing them point after my feelings come out right?! You few know who you are!!!!
Oh Tonite Im hoping will be the night that the roomie gets rid of the incredibly annoying boyfriend woohoo!!! Party at my house!!! Just kidding! No but she is in the talks about kicking him out of her life, Im soo happy!
Sigh! Done complaining..just need someone to hold me now! Maybe Ill convince the roomie to hold me for a little while at least...ok going to bed now!

rm_motkof1010 50M
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10/11/2005 12:46 am

yes, i know just what you mean. i am very much the same way i dont let anyone get to close to me.
i am 39 and i think its becouse i dont want anyone to know what a freaky person i am.
i am talking about my dark side any one who knows me would tell you i am a nice person and sweet but i have a side to me i dont let anyone see i dont like it myself.
not a killer just deep and dark.

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